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The Most Impressive Instagrammable Places in Alabama

Best places to visit in Alabama

In the beautiful state of Alabama, every town and city has its unique charm and personality. In the northern part of the state, you will be able to explore stunning mountains, and in the southern part, you will be able to explore wonderful scenic shores.

Aside from its incredible landscapes, Alabama offers history buffs and tourists a chance to learn about American history. If you are looking for the perfect weekend getaway, Alabama is a great place to visit with family and friends.

If you love taking photos and sharing your escapades on Instagram, you can also find fantastic Insta-worthy spots in Alabama.

To ensure you get the best shots on your trip, we have listed some of the most highly-recommended Instagrammable places in Alabama. These photogenic places can help your followers instantly recognize that you are in Alabama and help you increase your following on the platform.

Here Are the Top Instagrammable Places in Alabama You Need to Visit

1. Rainbow LED Tunnel, Birmingham

The word tunnel will always bring the image of a dark, damp, and small enclosed space unless you have been to the Rainbow LED tunnel in Birmingham. Four large tunnels in Birmingham are creatively decorated with LED lights to offer pedestrians a walkway through a rainbow. Locals most commonly use these tunnels to visit different downtown areas.

These rainbow-colored tunnels can be found on the 14th, 20th, 18th, and 19th streets in the viaducts. They were created in 2013 by Bill DitzGibbons to bring light to dark, ominous structures.

The best time to shoot at these LED tunnels is right after sunset, as you can play with different colors as you take photos or add mystery to your pictures using different angles.


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2. DeSoto Falls

If you want to explore the natural beauty of Alabama, you must visit the DeSoto State Park in the northeastern part of the state.

At the height of 107 feet, DeSoto Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Alabama.

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#MondoExplorerTip: You can use a convenient pathway to access the falls and explore the family picnic area on the way. The picnic area has all the amenities you could need, which is why DeSoto Falls attracts many people.

The area is breathtaking, so we recommend taking a couple photos or photos with your friends in this location.


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3. Daphne Bayfront Park Pier

If you don’t want to explore the mountains or cityscape of Alabama, we recommend going to the beach towns of the state of Alabama.

Daphne in Alabama is a beautiful beach town where you can enjoy mouthwatering seafood and incredible insta-worthy spots. The Bayfront Park Pier of Daphne, Alabama, is open from dawn to dust and offers visitors the chance to take pictures on the elegant gazebo and boardwalk.

The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail has a variety of seabirds, and you can enjoy dolphin and gator sightings as well. If you are looking for a haunted and ghoulish picture, you can photograph historic cemeteries in the region for your needs.

4. The Covered Bridge at Green Mountain Park, Huntsville

If you are looking for a place that is instantly recognizable as somewhere in Alabama, you must visit the covered bridge at Green Mountain Park in the southeast part of Huntsville. You can take the 1.5-mile trail and appreciate the stunning beauty of Alabama’s oldest Champion Winged Elm Tree and Sky Lake.

Whether it is fall, summer, or spring, the fall leaves and wildflowers provide a spectacular view that can rival any radiant rainbow. The USA used to have more than 14,000 covered bridges, but only 900 of them survive to this day.

Alabama locals are proud to have 11 of them present in the state, especially the Cambron Covered Bridge. This bridge was built in 1974 but offers a historical insight into many years before.

5. Alabama State Capitol, Montgomery

If you are a history buff, you would understand that the Alabama State Capitol Building in Montgomery is so much more than a political building.

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It is a popular tourist site and museum where visitors can explore the House of Representatives, the Old Supreme Court Chamber, the Senate Chamber, and so much more. It has been the center of US politics and history for more than a century and a half and features art pieces that tell its story throughout the years.

You will find impressive statues, monuments, and gardens at the location that will help you learn about the history of the location and understand its significance.

If you want to tell your Instagram followers that you are at the location where Confederacy history unfolded in 1861 and the place where the Selma to Montgomery March came to an end, you should definitely take a picture with the Alabama State Capitol building in the backdrop.

6. Little River Falls

If you are looking for adventure in Alabama, we recommend checking out one of the deepest gorges in the East, Little River Canyon National Preserve. It is a part of the National Park System and offers tourists the chance to explore spectacular waterfalls and rare plant and animal species.

The best part of the Little River Canyon has to be its impressive locations, which include a stunning 45-foot waterfall and Dekalb and Cherokee counties.

If you are interested in learning about local Alabama culture and want to explore popular natural locations, you should definitely visit the Little River Canyon National Preserve and Little River Falls.

7. Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve

Adventure-loving Instagrammers must check out the incredible Cane Creek Canyon National Preserve in Alabama to learn what kind of landscapes Alabama has to offer for hiking.

The Cane Creek Canyon National Preserve in Alabama consists of several waterfalls, eighteen miles of hiking trails, and a magical view that can be perfect for Instagram photos.

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You can also check out the Lacefield Falls here, which is one of the most rewarding parts of any North Alabama Waterfall hiking trail.

8. Noccalula Falls Park

Noccalula Falls Park is one of the most prominent locations in North Alabama, which features the gorgeous attraction of a 90-foot waterfall with the statue of Princess Noccalula.

The statue overlooks the canyon, which provides for an awe-inspiring view. The Park also has several nature trails, a pioneer village, botanical gardens, and even a petting zoo. The C.P. Huntington Train is another favorite attraction that runs daily to take visitors from scenic one-mile rides in and around the park.

There are plenty of photo opportunities at Noccalula Falls Park, and we recommend making the most of it by reaching the location at opening time and staying there until sunset.


Alabama is one of the most underrated locations in the US. If you ever get a chance to visit the state, you should make the most of it to take a part of history back home with you.

You can share informational tidbits with your followers to help them learn about the locations you visit as well. Make memories and share fun moments of your trip to Alabama on your Instagram stories!

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