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Instagrammable Places in Georgia You Should Visit This Year

Instagrammable places in Georgia

It might not be number one on your list of places to visit in the US, but Georgia has a charm that’s hard to ignore. The state is steeped in history with some of the historic locations serving as the perfect Instagrammable places in Georgia. However, the search for Insta-worthy places does not end there.

We’ve made sure to find the best locations in Georgia worth capturing, and you’ll love these places!

From Georgia Aquarium and Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta to Wormsloe State Historic Site in Savannah, there’s a lot for you to explore.

Most Instagrammable Places in Georgia

Amicalola Falls – Dawsonville

The northern part of Georgia has many waterfalls with stunning views for visitors. Amicalola Falls turns out to be the most famous one. The falls are considered the tallest among all waterfalls in the state.

You can visit Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge to get the most out of your visit. There are four trails at this place, and one of them leads to the top of the fall.

Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta

If there’s one place you must visit in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s the aquarium. The Ocean Voyager and tunnel are the favorite spots for photographers and tourists.

The sea creatures in the Georgia Aquarium are separated into ecosystems and galleries.

You can visit manta rays, whale sharks, beluga whales, sea otters, and penguins. You can even try scuba diving in one of the tanks.


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Providence Canyon – Lumpkin

It’s the “Little Grand Canyon” of Georgia that makes you feel as if you are standing out in the West.

The deep red and orange colors will make you want to click many Insta-worthy pictures with the canyons in the backdrop.

The years of erosion have resulted in these geographical formations for us to admire. There are nine canyons here, and the 4th and 5th canyons are the most stunning.

Blue Ridge Mountains – North Georgia

Blue Ridge covers the northeastern part of Georgia and stretches nearly 100 miles.

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This region is the southern part of the Appalachian Mountain chain. Many North Georgian towns are part of the region, including Cleveland, Clayton, Clarkesville, Blue Ridge, Dawsonville, Ellijay, Helen, and Jasper.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are stunning, and you can visit any time of the year to capture the beautiful scenery.

For professional photographers, this place is a natural playground!


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Pasaquan – Buena Vista

This place existed before the advent of social media and holds a special place in the hearts of local soldiers and students.

The colorful structures in the town of Buena Vista stretch over a 7-acre land that requires trekking to reach the location.

The site has been restored and reopened for the public, and people can’t get enough of this visionary art site.

Hay House – Macon

While it’s called a “house,” Hay House in Macon is anything but! It’s called the “Palace of the South” because of the Italian Renaissance Revival design.

The mansion is spread over 18,000 square feet of land with two stories and four levels. The place was built in 1855, and three generations owned it before Georgia Trust got it in 1977.

The exterior is an Insta-worthy spot, but don’t forget to explore the stunning interior with 24 rooms, spiral staircases, stained glass windows, and pocket doors.


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Atlanta BeltLine – Atlanta

Not many states or cities can claim that one of their best urban walking and biking trails started as a Master’s degree project.

Atlanta BeltLine is the product of a 1999 Master’s thesis idea by Ryal Gravel of Georgia Tech. He presented the idea of turning the rail corridors into a ring of parks and trails.

Thankfully, it was a successful project that we all can take advantage of today! If you are here for the first time, start with the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine.


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Tybee Island Light Station & Museum – Tybee Island

While visiting Savannah’s beach island, you can’t miss the Tybee Island Light Station & Museum.

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It’s one of the most Instagrammable places in Georgia. Besides being a tourist attraction, the lighthouse/museum has protected many ships out in the sea since 1732. It’s an active lighthouse in Georgia and the tallest one in the state.

Old Fourth Ward Park – Atlanta

Located in Old Fourth Ward, the park has a gorgeous view from many angles.

With a pond in the middle, the park has a path around it. The park also has an amphitheater that surrounds some parts of the pond.

You can take a picture of yourself with the reflection of buildings in the background or take an aerial shot that shows the entire park.


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Driftwood Beach – Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island has many Instagrammable spots, but Driftwood Beach is the most snapped one. It’s located on the north side of the island, and we believe that the sun-bleached trees present an otherworldly scene no matter when you take the shot.

Whether it’s before sunset or right after sunrise, you’ll have a unique photo of Driftwood Beach each time.


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Jackson Street Bridge – Atlanta

One of the most urban Instagrammable places in Atlanta, Georgia, is the Jackson Street Bridge.

You can capture the Atlanta skyline from this location as the backdrop. The bridge got more famous after it was used in the promotional shots of “The Walking Dead.”

People find this spot perfect for all sorts of pictures. The place can get a little crowded, so make sure to pick your time wisely and have a crowd-free photoshoot on the Jackson Street Bridge.

Fausett Farms Sunflowers – Dawsonville

Dawsonville has a few picturesque locations, and Fausett Farms Sunflowers is definitely one of them.

The place opens seasonally, making it a hot spot for travelers and visitors. It’s a family-owned farm that’s been operational since 1858, but it used to be a poultry farm only. Now, it has 30 acres dedicated to growing sunflowers.

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You can also expect trail rides, but you must know that they charge photographers per car. The rates are different for amateurs and professionals.


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Wormsloe State Historic Site – Savannah

Located outside downtown Savannah, Wormsloe State Historic Site offers a stunning view of oak trees.

This is the most Instagrammable spot in Savannah!

The place is also called Wormsloe Plantation, and it once was the house of Noble Jones, an English settler. The property belonged to Jones’s family until the state got ownership in 1973.

The place is popular among photographers as a historic location featuring the oldest structure in Savannah.

Tiny Doors ATL “Giant Door” – Atlanta

Tiny Doors Atlanta has a lovely exhibition of tiny doors in various locations. These doors are perfect for Insta-worthy shots, but the most Instagrammable one is the Giant Door.

As you get closer to the door, you’ll think you are in a dollhouse! The exhibition offers many ways to capture yourself with the door. Play around with different perspectives to find your perfect picture.


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Find the perfect spot for your pictures by visiting the best places in the state! Georgia has a mix of historical, natural, and modern places for you to photograph.

We hope our article about the most Instagrammable places in Georgia helps all travel bloggers and influencers have a chance to enjoy the best places in the state and share the experience on social media.

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