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Instagrammable Places in Indiana to Explore

Instagrammable places in Indiana

Indiana is a breathtaking midwestern US state with a vibrant food scene, picturesque locations, and countless monuments to explore. It’s where you can find everything from nature parks to museums and statues, places you can visit for fun and learning while still getting a chance to click Insta-worthy photos.

You won’t be bored a single day in Indiana if you have an itinerary of the places you want to visit. Not sure how to shortlist the best ones for your trip? Here are the most Instagrammable places in Indiana that you should visit!

Instagrammable Places in Indiana

The Bottleworks District

The architecture of Bottleworks District is worth staying an extra day in the state capital, Indianapolis. It is a collection of newly-constructed buildings with art deco architecture and old-fashioned charm. The Indianapolis Coke bottling plant has also been repurposed.

The brick streets are lined with string lights, adding to the romantic charm of the district. The area has some good places to eat, such as the Garage Food Hall, after you’re done with your photoshoot.

Downtown Noblesville

Noblesville is a city in Indiana with good architecture. The historic Noblesville Square depicts the city’s history with its outstanding architecture, so make sure to stop by Noblesville downtown to snap a few photos.

The old brick walls and small shops have a nostalgic feel, making people remember the good ol’ days. It takes you back in time with the old-school architecture of the courthouse.

The courthouse has a French Renaissance style and sits proudly in the middle of the square. The place mostly has administrative offices now.


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Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park

The park is free to visit for all! Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park offers many ways to have fun and enjoy the time you spend here. The park has Funky Bones’s white fiberglass skeleton and yellow benches shaped weirdly. It also has a lake that spreads over 35 acres.

Given the versatility of the park, there are many places to capture an Instagrammable photo. You can also take a picture at the basketball court that’s lined with curved metal bars that depict bouncing ball motion.


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Robert Indiana’s LOVE Sculpture

Robert Indiana is a state-native famous for his work in pop art culture. His iconic LOVE image was created first in 1964, and he sent it to his friends and acquaintances. The image was later turned into a metal sculpture that sits in a museum in Indianapolis.

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The stacked letters are placed in front of a geometric pattern, making them more prominent. It’s a must-visit location for tourists, so make sure to have your picture with the metal sculpture of LOVE.

Monument Circle

Monument Circle is an obvious choice for Instagrammable places in Indiana, but you should visit it because of the various locations it provides for Insta-worthy photos. The Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the middle is the perfect backdrop for a photo.

You can also visit this monument during the holidays and enjoy the view of the holiday lights. If you want to capture the monument in its full glory, go to Market and Meridian Streets and snap a photo from there.


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Marquee of the Madam Walker Legacy Center

Madam C.J. Walker is one of the most impressive and popular success stories in Indianapolis. She was a self-made Black woman who was among the wealthiest of her time in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Madam Walker moved to Indianapolis to establish her beauty product line.

She is an honorable part of Indianapolis history, and the marquee is a famous spot for people to take pictures and remember her contributions to society.

The _ndy Signs

The _ndy signs are created purely for social media purposes. The empty space before the sign is for people to stand and form the “I” of Indy. The signs do not stay in one location forever. They continue to move around the city at different locations.

You can search online to find the current locations of the signs and take a picture at one of the locations to remember your visit.


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Peyton Manning Statue

Peyton Manning is a beloved former quarterback and having his statue in a prominent location in the state capital is an honor for the city and its residents. Colts fans and other tourists love to take pictures of the statue.

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It’s located on the northeastern side of Lucas Oil Stadium, proudly showing how much they love Peyton Manning! He was the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts from 1998 to 2011. He took the team to the Super Bowl twice.


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Hoosier Murals

The state capital honors Indiana greats by dedicating walls to their glorious careers representing the state. From Reggie Miller to Mari Evans, James Whitcomb Riley, and Kurt Vonnegut, everyone has their spot on a wall in the city.

You can locate the murals with a quick Google search, but taking a picture with them might require some creativity on your end. Make sure to try different photo angles before you get the one you like.


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The Canal Walk

The Canal Walk in Indianapolis is a 3-mile loop that’s preferred by serenity-seekers and fitness enthusiasts. It’s also famous among tourists and influencers who want to capture the best shots of the area.

Some of the best places to capture pictures at the Canal Walk are outside the State Museum located in White River State Park. You’ll have the best pictures at sunset or sunrise.

Garfield Park Conservatory and Gardens

Garfield Park Conservatory and Gardens is a tropical paradise that charges a certain amount to enjoy the beauty of the place. Professional photographers can pay the admission charge to capture photos of the indoor rainforest housed inside the conservatory.

If you don’t want to pay the admission fee, you can enjoy the fountain and sunken gardens outside—they are free of cost.


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The Vogue Theater

Vogue was once a movie theater in 1938. It opened in Broad Ripple but later converted to a nightclub and reopened in 1977. The place is a historical location in Indianapolis and a must-visit spot for Insta-worthy photos.

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People can host events here and become a part of Vogue history. You can take a picture with the theater to commemorate your time in the city.


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Mavris Arts and Event Center

It took 12 years to turn the industrial brick building into a modern venue that looks astonishing. Mavris Arts and Event Center is an aesthetically-pleasing restored project with exposed brick and wood beams. Despite the modern additions, the place looks like something out of a history book.

The main space remains illuminated due to the surrounding windows. It’s a great place for weddings, corporate galas, and art events.


Now that you have a list of Instagrammable places in Indiana, make sure to enjoy your trip while capturing those happy moments for your Instagram feed. Explore all the parks, monuments, and buildings listed above, and don’t forget to take a picture with the _ndy sign.

While these places express the uniqueness of Indiana, don’t forget to have fun at the best nightclubs and chic spots in Indianapolis. You’re on vacation, so it’s only natural that you’d want to enjoy a drink at the bar. If not for yourself, do it for the ‘gram!

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