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Most Instagrammable Places in Warsaw

Instagrammable Places in Warsaw

Warsaw is just another European city with a disturbing history and tenacious residents who rose from the ashes to rebuild the entire city. Since it was founded in the 10th century, Warsaw has been subject to plagues, fires, and invasions.

The most recent was the German invasion, which resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and the destruction of several, if not all, Warsaw buildings. The Capital City of Warsaw didn’t let the invasion bring them down for good. They reconstructed the historic buildings and restored what was possible.

Now, here we are, discussing the best Instagrammable places in Warsaw, Poland. The city is headed towards a golden era, and there are many places to visit in Warsaw that you may not know about!

Instagrammable Places in Warsaw

Plac Zamkowy

Located in the Old Town of Warsaw (a place you must visit!), Plac Zamkowy, or Castle Square, is a vibrant place to capture some Instagrammable photographs. You’ll find Warsaw Royal Castle, churches, and other historical buildings in this iconic part of the city. The Warsaw Royal Castle used to be the residence of Polish monarchs, so you’ll find many locations in the square where you can take pictures.

One exciting thing about Plac Zamkowy or Castle Square is that it’s triangular. When you visit the Old Town, you’ll notice that the square leads you to other locations within the Old Town.


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Warsaw Royal Castle  

Plac Zamkowy has many structures worth capturing for your Instagram feed, but the Warsaw Royal Castle has a unique charm. It’s a gorgeous red brick building that took a few centuries to complete. It started in the 14th century, and construction ended in 1795.

The magnificent building does not give the impression that it has been through harrowing events like WWI, WWII, Warsaw Uprising, etc. Regardless of the damage, the building looks spectacular after reconstruction. Warsaw Royal Castle is now a museum, preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year, almost half a million visitors come to see the beauty of this landmark!


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St Anne’s Church

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St Anne’s Church is one of Poland’s most notable churches. With its Neoclassical facade, Bell Tower, and other places, such as the viewing terrace, you can find many spots to take Instagram-worthy photos.

The Bell Tower is situated next to the church, and you can take 150 steps from here to reach the Observation Deck of St Anne’s. This is one of the best spots in Warsaw! The place is not free to visit. You need to buy a ticket to get to the Observation Deck, but a visit to the church is free.


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Warsaw Old Town Market Square 

Warsaw’s Old Town is the oldest part of the city, but after the Warsaw Uprising and WWII, the area suffered from mass destruction. What we see today is a largely reconstructed town, but it retains the essence of what it was before its destruction.

It can take you a few minutes to take in the historic beauty of the Old Town and decide which location is best for your photographs. No matter how many locations you finalize, make sure one of them is the Old Town Market Square in its entirety! The colorful houses and varied terraces must be a part of your Instagram feed.

Warsaw Barbican 

Warsaw has come a long way from its tragic history, but some architectural structures are still here to remind everyone how the city used to be. Warsaw was a fortified city to protect the city, people, and especially the monarchy from foreign invaders, and the Warsaw Barbican is a notable part of that history.

The landmark is not the entire city wall. It’s just a notable part of it that was preserved. Warsaw Barbican was designed by Jan Baptist the Venetian, an Italian architect, in 1540. The structure was meant for defense during a war, but it was only used once when Sweden attacked. Now, it’s a popular spot for photographers!


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The New Town

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Warsaw New Town is located near the Old Town and connects it with Ulica Freta or French Street. The New Town was built in the 15th century, and just like the Old Town, it was destroyed by Germans during WWII. The reconstruction has changed the way New Town looks, but the beautiful and colorful town is still worth checking out!


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Warsaw University Library Rooftop Garden

During fall, the colorful leaves make the Warsaw University Library Rooftop Garden look out of the world. It’s a place easy to miss, but it shouldn’t be missed at all! While the fall season gives it a vibrant glow, the garden looks even better during summer. It surely is a hidden gem of Warsaw, Poland.

The garden is mostly green space located on the roof of the building. It offers a great view of the Vistula River and the city of Warsaw. The green space is not the only thing to notice in this garden. You can snap photos of sculptures, ponds, and streams.


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Palace on the Isle

Designed by Count Stanislaw Herakliusz Lubomirski in 1675, the Palace on the Isle is an ornate classicist structure. It’s one of the most romantic places in Warsaw to visit and is popularly known as Baths Palace. The artist wanted to design something similar to bathhouses in other regions of Europe, so he came up with the idea of a baroque Bath House or Lazienka.

The Palace on the Isle is located in Lazienki Park, or Royal Baths Park, which is the largest park in the city. It’s situated on the banks of a lake, providing an amazing backdrop for Instagrammable photos. You can take some gorgeous photos of the lake, oriental garden, rooms, bridges, and other locations.


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Hotel Bristol 

Hotel Bristol is the place where you can enjoy an afternoon tea and capture some stunning shots of yourself and the surroundings. The hotel has a long history in the city of Warsaw, and it has survived many tragic events in the past. Yet, here we are talking about afternoon tea at the hotel!

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The best place to have a cup of tea in Hotel Bristol is to visit the Column Bar. You may have to spend some money to be a part of it, but the experience is worth it.

Palace of Culture and Science

It’s one of the best Instagrammable places in Warsaw for a spectacular view of the city. You can go to the 30th floor using the lift and visit the viewing terrace to capture Warsaw’s beauty from the high-rise building. The Palace of Culture and Science is actually among the tallest buildings in the entire country!

The terrace also has a café, so after you’re done taking some Instagram-worthy shots, enjoy a cup of coffee with the view of Warsaw.


Next time you are in Warsaw, make sure to visit all the colorful locations, churches, restaurants, and viewpoints apart from the Instagrammable places we’ve shown here!

It’s a photographer’s highlight destination where they can capture the perfect merge of old and new constructions that create the Warsaw we see today. The city is vibrant, not just the places but the people too. Warsaw’s history may have been tragic, but its future is certainly bright!

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