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Top Instagrammable Places in Connecticut That Will Take Your Breath Away

Instagrammable Places in Connecticut for Unique Photos

Greenwich, Nutmeg, and Mystic are some of the most amazing locations you can visit in Connecticut. However, people are unaware that there are many other locations in the state, such as rustic rural areas, iconic covered bridges, and snaking tributaries.

If you are an Instagram influencer or photographer, you can capture fantastic pictures of the beautiful fall foliage. If you are a city person, you can visit big cities in Connecticut, such as Hartford or New Haven. Both these cities have fantastic entertainment scenes and impressive architecture that are sure to make for memorable pictures with friends.

To help you plan your next trip to Connecticut, we have shortlisted some of the most iconic spots in the state you should visit. These spots are highlighted for their outstanding scenery and aesthetic value, which is why you must be sure to bring your best camera for the trip.

Here Are Some of the Most Famous Instagrammable Places in Connecticut

1. Heublein Tower, Talcott Mountain State Park, Simsbury

If you want a truly spectacular shot for your Instagram, you should check out the Heublein Tower at Talcott Mountain State Park.

Photographers and hikers who climb the 120 steps to the top of the tower are rewarded with a fantastic view and are never disappointed, no matter the season.

The view from the top overlooks the Hartford skyline and the verdant Farmington River Valley. This extraordinary building stands at 165 feet and is a unique location you can post on your feed.

The best time to enjoy incredible sights at the Heublein Tower is at the height of the fall season when you can enjoy and take pictures of the incredible foliage.

2. Essex Steam Train, Essex

If you are up for a fun adventure with your family or friends, you should buy tickets to chug on an authentic antique steam train through the stunning Connecticut River Valley.

The Essex steam train is operated by the Valley Railroad Company, and you can schedule a tour anytime from early May to late October.

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You can find a package with a river cruise along the Connecticut River as well and enjoy a ride on top of the fantastic Becky Thatcher riverboat.

3. Lavender Pond Farm, Killingworth

Lavender Pond Farm in Killingworth is just as beautiful as it sounds, if not more. You can take cottage core aesthetic pictures for your Instagram and share photos of you standing in a field full of vibrant lavender.

The setting can make for a swoon-worthy Instagram picture, and you can enjoy the public farm any time of the year. There are more than 10,000 lavender plants at the farm in 30+ beds, making aerial views of the location just as stunning as portrait photos.


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4. Downtown Hartford

There are many terrific photo opportunities in Connecticut’s capital city, Hartford. The capitol building in Hartford has lush green lawns in the summer and spring, and Bushnell Park and the Carousel are definite must-visit spots.

The Yard Goats Stadium can make for a fantastic summer shot, and the Hartford Riverfront is a fantastic place to get a shot of the downtown skyline.


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5. Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge, Westport

If you want to impress your followers with your knowledge of history, you should check out the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge in Westport.

The Steinkraus Cohen Bridge crosses the Saugatuck river and displays more than forty flying flags from late April to Thanksgiving. The bridge is named after Steinkraus Cohen, the private secretary for Eleanor Roosevelt and a passionate advocate of the United Nations. He went on to found the United Nations Association of Southwest Connecticut.

The bridge in Westport represents the effort of Westport residents and Steinkraus Cohen to connect towns, countries, and people with one another.


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6. Connecticut State Capitol, Hartford

Hartford is the third largest city in Connecticut, after Bridgeport and New Haven. The state’s third-largest city is also full of iconic historical and culturally significant buildings.

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Among all the structures in the city, the most iconic building has to be the Connecticut State Capitol building which has a gold-leaf dome and features an incredible Hall of Flags.


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7. Thames River, New London

If you want to relax in Connecticut but want to try something new, you should visit the Thames River in New London.

The Thames River had one of the largest whaling ports in the world, but now, New London is a bustling city with multiple fine dining restaurants, a fantastic arts scene, and a fabulous waterfront.

8. The Florence Griswold House, Old Lyme

The Florence Griswold House was the center of the Old Lyme Art Colony during the American Impressionist movement.

Many talented artists lived at the Florence Griswold House during this time. It used to be the hub of culture and arts in the location, and nowadays, the two buildings have been merged into a single campus with stunning grounds covered in colorful flowers.

9. Macedonia Brook State Park, Kent

The stunning Macedonia State Park in Kent spans over 2300 acres of woodland, a beautiful brook, and a variety of hiking trails.

You can take pictures on a hike across Cobble Mountain and other peaks on the Blue Trail. You can enjoy fantastic vistas of the Taconic and Catskill mountains and enjoy a relaxing weekend exploring some of the 51 campsites.


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10. Fayerweather Island Lighthouse, Bridgeport

Whether the sun is shining or it’s a rough stormy day, the Fayerweather Island Lighthouse is worth a visit any time of the year.

The lighthouse is located in Black Rock Harbor and stands as a reminder of the times that have passed rather than function as a navigational aid for ships.

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The Fayerweather Island Lighthouse in Bridgeport was renovated and restored to its former glory in 1998 and was recently updated again. It is not open to the public, but visitors can enjoy the view of the lighthouse and take pictures by walking along the pier.


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11. West Cornwall Covered Bridge, West Cornwall

Covered bridges are present in many states of the USA, but the West Cornwall Covered Bridge is one of the last ones in Connecticut.

The bridge is almost 172 feet long and 15 feet wide. It is pretty large and can accommodate cars to pass through across the Housatonic River on Connecticut Route 128.

This beautiful bridge was built in 1864 and can make for terrific backdrops for your Instagram photos.


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Connecticut has a wonderful old-school charm that is reminiscent of New England. From verdant forests and sandy beaches to stunning award-winning museums, Connecticut has a lot to offer visitors from all over the world.

You can find a vast array of picturesque local spots, charming and inviting towns, and fun seaside spots.

We encourage you to check out at least three to four locations from this list on your next trip to Connecticut so that you can explore the natural beauty and observe the cultural significance of the location.

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