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Instagrammable Places in Santorini for Viral Instagram Posts

Instagrammable Places in Santorini, Greece

Santorini is located among the Cyclades islands in Greece with incredible Instagram-worthy spots. Being one of the most popular destinations in Greece, there are many Instagrammable places in Santorini that tourists probably have not heard about.

You can visit quaint little villages, beautiful beaches, and museums on the island, and once you are done, head to the following places to capture the most photogenic views in Santorini!

Best Instagrammable Places in Santorini

Blue Domes Viewpoint

This one must be on your list of places to visit already, but did you know there are several Instagram spots on the famous viewpoint in Oia? The only catch is that they are not publicly available. To visit this stunning location of blue domes and shimmering sea, you need to stay at a hotel nearby.

The location is part of private property with a gated stairway that leads into the property. You’ll find your perfect spot for an Instagrammable photo three steps from the gate.

You’ll also find a private property sign at the gate to discourage trespassing. Most tourists don’t care about that sign and take the liberty to enter without permission, but you shouldn’t do that if you want to be on the safe side. Stay at a hotel in the area and access the gated location freely.


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Main Street of Oia

The main street of Oia is crowded during the day. Many locals and tourists visit this spot to explore the main shopping street and look at beautiful storefronts. For an Instagram-worthy photo, you can’t visit the main street during the day.

We suggest you wake up early and reach the location before the tourists swarm the street. Waking up early will give you a chance to capture the gorgeous storefronts and other amazing backdrops for your photos. The location also provides a view of the blue-domed church, which is definitely worth rising up early!


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Church of Panagia Akathistos Hymn

The Church of Panagia Akathistos Hymn s the most popular spot in Oia. It’s located near the blue domes and provides great spots to capture unique photos. The stunning view adds to the beauty of the architecture, making each tourist look at the location differently for an Instagram photo.

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The church has a bell tower and five domes, and it’s actually the remake of the previous church that was destroyed in the earthquake of 1956. The Church of Panagia Akathistos Hymn is one of the most photographed locations in Oia, so choose your spot wisely to make it look unique.

Kastro Oia Houses

Kastro Oia Houses are among the most photographed spots in Santorini, located near Ammoudi Bay and Oia Castle. The cute houses have turquoise windows and doors and orange outer walls that provide a perfect background for an Instagrammable image.

A suggestion for taking a picture at Kastro Oia Houses is to stand on the stairs with the houses in the background and let the photographer stands further away from you. It’s one of the places that gets crowded during the day, so make sure to arrive early for an uninterrupted shot. If you are not early, you will get a chance to shoot a photo, but you’ll have to wait in line to get your turn.

Blue Dome Photo Spot

It’s a different Blue Dome spot than the one we mentioned earlier, but it’s equally, if not more, picturesque than the previous one. This spot is perfect for capturing landscape photos of Santorini with the church bells in the frame—it’s an ideal Oia spot you must visit!

You may feel like taking a step further and climbing the church to get a better shot, but we strongly recommend NOT to do it. It’s not permitted to climb to the top of the church, but you can take photos in other spots that tourists often overlook. With white-washed cliffside houses, you can have some great pictures for your Instagram feed.

Blue Dome with Orange Walls

Yet another Blue Dome photo spot, but it’s worth mentioning. As one of the most Instagrammable places in Santorini, the blue-domed church with orange walls will give your followers something unique to look at. During summer, pink bougainvillea bloom near the photo spot, and you can capture them in your shot if you’re visiting that season.

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Otherwise, the shots still look incredible with the orange walls and blue-domed combination. All you have to do is match your outfit accordingly, and you are ready to capture an Instagram-worthy shot. Again, make sure to get there before the morning crowd so that you aren’t stuck on the street during the day and actually get to enjoy the view early in the morning.


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Byzantine Castle Ruins

If there’s one reason to visit Oia, it’s to see the sunset. Although sunsets anywhere are breathtaking, the view from Byzantine Castle Ruins is something else! You can go to Oia Castle to catch the sunset view, but you may get stuck in the crowd, so the ruins are your best bet.

Technically, the two are located closely, but the Oia Castle has more people, and the Byzantine Castle Ruins are pretty empty. Hence, a perfect Instagrammable spot.

Although it looks amazing in an unfiltered Instagram post, you might find it challenging to locate the spot.

Here’s a hint, follow the Ammoudi Bay path down to the Old Castle Oia and look above; the spot to take photos is located right above the old castle on a small pathway.

Oia Castle

If finding the Byzantine Castle Ruins seems more work than you signed up for, we suggest fighting the crowd and finding a spot to watch the most beautiful sunset in Santorini from Oia Castle. Whatever you think a ‘crowd’ looks like, the location will change your mind about it. You will have trouble shooting peacefully because there are people everywhere watching the sunset.

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The best way to avoid the crowd is to reach the spot at least 3 to 4 hours before sunset to secure a spot and maybe take a few before-sunset pictures. If fighting the crowd to watch the sunset is not in your books, can we interest you in a morning photo? An early morning picture at Oia Castle is just as breathtaking as any other!

Ammoudi Bay

Ammoudi Bay in Santorini is as popular as the Oia Castle and Blue Dome locations for capturing Instagrammable shots. It’s a famous spot for swimming and taking sunset photos. Another great photo idea is to have the caldera as your backdrop and capture a stunning picture of yourself.

From the top of Oia, you’ll have to take around 200-300 steps down to reach Ammoudi Bay. It’s a scenic location with little to no friction, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes and avoid slipping.

This view is well worth the 15 to 20-minute-walk it takes to reach the location, but make sure to plan your visit in advance because you’ll have to walk again to reach the top after your visit.


Let the heavenly beauty of Santorini make your vacation memorable. These Instagrammable places in Santorini are great backdrops for your photos that will remain on your feed, reminding you about one of the best experiences of your life.

When you are in Santorini, don’t forget to capture photos of the spots we mentioned today!

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