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The Ultimate Guide to Nottingham England

Ultimate Guide to Nottingham England

Nottingham has a rich history and plenty of local places and sights to explore. It is most well known because Sherwood Forrest – home to Robin Hood and his band of merry men – is located in Nottingham!

There is so much to explore here – Sherwood Forest, Nottingham Castle and some more modern locations too.

Let’s explore this quaint town.

Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forrest

Robin Hood and his Merry Men are one of England’s most beloved folk heroes. They fought against the corrupt government of King John during the reign of Richard I, the Lionheart.

Legend tells us that he was forced to sign the Magna Carta, which laid out rules about how the king could rule. This document became known as the Great Charter of Liberties because it granted certain freedoms to the people of England.

The name “Robin Hood” came later. In the Middle Ages, there were many stories told about men who robbed the rich and gave to the poor. One such story was about a man named Robin Hood. He lived in Nottinghamshire, near Sherwood Forest.

There are several versions of the tale of Robin Hood. Some say that he was a real person; others say he was a fictional character. However, no matter what version of the story you choose to believe, it is clear that he inspired generations of writers, musicians, artists, and filmmakers.

In the early 13th century, William FitzOsbern was appointed Earl of Hereford. He had been born into nobility, but lost his father at age 11. At 18, he inherited the earldom and began

Nottingham Castle 

This magnificent 17th century mansion has been restored to its former glory.

Originally built on the site of Nottingham Castle, it now houses a lively collection of exhibitions and activities. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the caves beneath Nottingham Castle, explore the dungeons and see how the castle has changed over the centuries.

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There is even a chance to learn about the history of wine making in the area.

Lose yourself in the Lace Market

Lace Market Nottingham England

The Lace Market is one of Nottingham’s most historic districts, dating back almost 1000 years to the silk trade. Today it’s home to some of the city’s best shops, bars and restaurants.

Once the city’s industrial centre and birthplace of the famous Nottingham lace, the Lace Market offers visitors a unique insight into Britain’s textile heritage.

You’ll find everything from vintage clothing boutiques, quirky gift stores and independent bookshops to stylish cafes and chic cocktail bars. There’s even a cinema, art gallery and live music venue.

If you’re looking for somewhere quiet, peaceful and off the beaten track, look no further.

Nottingham Contemporary Museum

If you like art, you will be inspired by international art at Nottingham Contemporary Museum!

Nottingham Contemporary is one of the most exciting places to see modern art in the UK. Its collection spans over 50 years and includes everything from conceptual art to video installations, photography, sculpture, painting and drawing.

The gallery is free to enter, making it the ideal destination for families, students and anyone looking to expand their cultural horizons. Visitors are encouraged to explore the works on display and discover what makes each artist tick.

There are also plenty of opportunities to learn about the artists’ backgrounds, including talks, workshops and masterclasses. These events give visitors the chance to ask questions and gain insight into how the work came together.

In addition to the exhibitions, there are lots of activities taking place throughout the year. This includes live music performances, film screenings, lectures and debates, poetry readings, children’s parties and even a summer party.

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Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

Wallaton Park in Nottingham England




The Wollaton Hall and Deers Park estate dates back to 14th century and it is one of the country’s finest Grade One listed Elizabethans manors. This magnificent mansion is situated within 500 acres of beautiful parkland and lakeside gardens.

Nottingham Natural History Museum is housed in the former stables building and it features over 50 interactive displays about local wildlife, history, geology, archaeology, astronomy and technology. You can learn how dinosaurs lived, what life was like in Roman times, discover how the world looked millions of years ago and much more.

You will also find the city’s Industrial Museum in the former coach house. Here, visitors can see how people used to live during different periods in history as well as how industries developed. There are many hands-on activities including a working blacksmith shop where you can try your hand at making some items yourself.

Nottingham Old Market Square

Nottingham’s old city center has several tourist attractions that are worth a visit. The Old Market square is the largest public space in England.

It is also home to the Nottingham Tourism Centre which is a great place to visit when you first arrive in Nottingham as it will help you get an overview of what to explore.

The Neoclassical Council House – crowned by an imposing dome – sits on the east side of the square.

As you stroll the area, the Sky Mirror is a fascinating sculpture to visit. It is located at the Nottingham Playhouse. This 19 food wide stainless steel sculpture created by sculptor Anish Kapoor is a dish that points upwards and provides a unique view of the sky above.

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City of Caves Attraction

There are numerous caves in the sandstone underneath Nottingham.

The most spectacular among these is the spectacular 322-foot-long Mortimer’s Hole directly below the castle. It gets its name from Roger Mortimer who was the lover of Queen Isabella (the wife of Edward II). The legend has it that Roger hid in the caves to hid from a Jealous King Edward II.

There are more than 450 caves beneath Nottingham. It is actually the largest known cluster of caves in England!

These caves were used for underground storage and defense for many centuries.

Public tours of the caves are available and this is really a very unique experience.

Official site

National Justice Museum

The National Justice Museum is a must-see attraction that is location inside the Lace Market.

It is located in the city’s former court and jailhouse – a building that has been in use since 1780.

The museum has fascinating exhibits about crime and punishment, including displays about Robin Hood. It also includes courtrooms and a jail that is from the 14th century!

Official site

And finally, here is a photo of how Nottingham looks in the winter.

Winter in Nottingham England