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10 Lebanon travel facts that will make you want to visit

Lebanon Facts

Lebanon is a country in the Western Asia region. It is bordered by Israel to the south and Syria to the north. The country has a lot of rich history shaped by cultural and religious diversity.

Most Interesting Facts about Lebanon

1 The first law school was built in downtown Beirut in Lebanon.

2 The original settlers in Lebanon – the Phoenicians – were believed to have built the first boat and were the first ones to sail rivers and seas. In fact, Phoenicians were the first to reach America even long before Columbus did.

3 Remember the first miracle performed by Jesus Christ in the Bible? It was performed in the town of Qana where he turned water into wine during a wedding.

4 Lebanon is the only country in the Arab region that is not ruled by traditional government. The country has its own modern government governed by a President.

5 It was the first Arab country to have its own constitution.

6 The only existing temple of Jupiter – the Roman god – stands in Baalbek, Lebanon.

7 It is interesting to note that the first alphabet originated in the city of Byblos.

8 Lebanon’s name has been around for more than 4,000 years. Its first referral was in the Old Testament in the Bible. Its name was never changed unlike other places in the world. This makes Lebanon the country with the oldest name in the world.

9 Byblos, a city in Lebanon, is considered the oldest living city in the world.

10 Lebanon was occupied by 16 countries in the past including the Egyptians, Assyrians, Hittites, Babylonians, Romans, Arab Peninsula, Ottomans, France, Britain, Israel and Syria.

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11 Lebanon is a beautiful country with a lot of ancient infrastructure lined with cedars which are considered as sacred trees in Lebanon. This is also the reason why Lebanon is called “God’s Country on Earth.”

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