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Instagrammable Places in Zurich That You Can’t Miss

Instagrammable places in Zurich

Like the rest of Switzerland, Zurich is an extremely beautiful and picturesque place for Instagram influencers, travelers, and visitors. The city is a photogenic landscape dotted with marvelous architecture that attracts people from all over the world.

From famous churches like Grossmünster and Fraumünster to Münsterhof Square, there are many locations to visit and take Instagrammable pictures.

If you’re planning a trip to Zurich, you should shortlist a few places to visit for the experience of a lifetime. Not only do you get to see the beautiful architecture and natural beauty of the city with your own eyes, but you’ll also be able to capture the most Instagrammable places in Zurich with your camera!

Instagrammable Places in Zurich

Münsterhof Square

Münsterhof Square is the historical center of the city. It’s the largest town square in Zurich, located in the district of Lindenhof. The location is near the Münsterbrücke bridge, which gives you more than a few angles to capture Instagram-worthy photos. Münsterhof Square is best known for being a former pig market and the current location of guild houses.

Some of the famous guild houses at this town square include Zunfthaus zur Meisen and Zunft zum Kämbel. Münsterhof Square is a place from historical Zurich with little to no modern architecture. Make sure to take as many pictures as you want!

Fraumünster Church

You can trace back the roots of Fraumünster Church to 853 when the location was an abbey for aristocratic women. The current Fraumünster Church is a historical place in Zurich with its slender steeple and stained-glass windows. It’s a landmark in Altstadt with 5 large stained-glass windows designed by the great artist Marc Chagall.

The windows were installed in 1970, and each window is different from the others with its own dominant color and Biblical story. The church gets around 500,000 visitors every year, so make sure to pick your season and visit the church when there’s less crowd to click amazing pictures.


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St. Peter’s Church

Another famous church in Zurich is St. Peter’s Church. It’s among the four old town churches in Zurich, one of which is Fraumünster. St. Peter is located on a former Roman castle site with an archeological connection to an early church of the 8th or 9th century. The most prominent feature of the church is the largest clock face in all of Europe, with 28.3ft in diameter.

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The spot where St. Peter’s church is located has been a sacred site for centuries. It’s located next to Lindenhof hill, which was a site of an ancient Roman temple called Jupiter. If you are into history, you’ll love all the facts about this location!


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If you’re visiting Zurich, you must already know that the city is not famous for its modern charm. Only those who appreciate the city’s historical significance feel like they have entered a time machine when they visit Zurich. There’s nothing urban about Augustinergasse—it’s a medieval lane that used to be the home of Zurich’s artisans until the 17th century.

Once the rich factory owners settled down in this location, it became a place with wooden bay windows for houses and colorful architecture of tourist-oriented shops and restaurants. You’ll find many angles to capture your photos in this tiny lane.


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National Museum Zurich

Also known as the Swiss National Museum, this historicist-style building is a must-visit location in Zurich. The museum is located right next to the Zurich central train station called Hauptbahnhof, which is also the largest railway station in Switzerland. Gustave Gull was the genius behind the design of this 1898 building.

The architectural design of the museum is breathtaking from inside and out. It has towers and turrets that will remind you of the fairytale castles, and the exhibits will take you to a different time in Swiss history. Make sure to stop by during your stay in Zurich.


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Freitag Tower

The tower is unique for its incredible design and use. It’s made of 17 freight containers that are composed to form the Freitag Tower, which reaches 85 feet in height. There’s a viewing platform and a sales outlet that you can peruse after taking your Instagram-worthy images.

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The viewing platform is a must-visit because it takes 110 steps to reach the top of the 26-meter-high platform. From this height, you can view the main station’s outer station, Prime Tower, and the Hardbrücke, among other places.

Grossmünster Church

The historical importance of Grossmünster Church is the only reason people visit this church in Zurich. Although the church is not as beautiful as the other churches in the city, its claim to have been commissioned by Charles the Great or Charlemagne makes it an important Zurich site.

The church took centuries to complete and was only finished around 1220, but the towers are the additions of the 18th century that give it the ‘unique’ look. If you are visiting Grossmünster Church, make sure you climb the 187 steps to reach the south tower and capture the breathtaking views from the vantage point.


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Zurich Airport Observation Decks

This may seem like an unusual Instagram spot because of all the historical features that Zurich has to offer, but the observation decks at Zurich Airport are hard not to love. The place is home to many restaurants and shops offering a clean and Instagram-worthy location to capture photos.

With a small admission fee, you can be at Deck B of the observation decks and get a closer look at the planes and get a chance to pilot one, too (for photos only, of course).

Hürlimannbad & Spa Zürich

With all the historical architecture and Swiss chocolate, it’s easy for anyone to forget that there are natural spas and mineral springs in Switzerland. Zurich has the best mineral-rich waters at Hürlimannbad & Spa Zürich to make your stay more refreshing and luxurious.

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The thermal waters come from the Aqui spring in Zurich, and you can relax in them, surrounded by the stone vaults that used to be a brewery. The place looks magical, to say the least, but remember to check out the rooftop that has the best view for you.

Zurich Hauptbahnhof

While there are many places to visit around the largest railway station in Switzerland, the station itself is an Instagram-worthy spot. Zurich Hauptbahnhof is an astonishingly clean train station that serves almost 3,000 trains every day. As one of the busiest railway stations worldwide, Zurich Hauptbahnhof has various facilities for visitors.

The exterior has yet to be modernized because the 1871 entrance gives it a unique look. However, the interiors have all the facilities a person would need at a train station. There’s an underground shopping center with 200+ shops and Haupthalle that hosts regular events, including Christmas markets and an open-air cinema.


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You don’t need to worry about waiting for the best season to visit Zurich, but if you must visit during the season that offers reasonable room rates and comfortable temperatures, you should go during September and November.

The city has dry and warm weather during fall, and you can take advantage of it by visiting all the Instagrammable places in Zurich at once.

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