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Explore the Most Instagrammable Places in Zakynthos

Instagrammable Places in Zakynthos

Venetians used to call Zakynthos Zante Fiore di Levante which means Flower of the East. The mesmerizing beaches and beautiful atmosphere have attracted people from all over the world for a long time, and if you are planning a trip to Greece, make sure to mark these Instagrammable places in Zakynthos and visit them to experience the best of the island.

One would argue that Santorini has more places to explore for Insta-worthy photos, but Zakynthos’s white beaches and party atmosphere will make you think twice! Here are all the best places to visit in Zakynthos.

Instagrammable Places in Zakynthos

Shipwreck Beach (Paralia Navagio)

More popular than the Viewpoint, this is the best photo spot to capture a perfect shot of the rocky beach, cliffs, and, you guessed it, the shipwreck. The location is stunning from afar, but up close, it’s something you can only imagine in fairytales! As much as the spot is amazing, its history is even more intriguing.

MV Panagiotis was traveling from Turkey to Italy to smuggle cigarettes in 1980. When the ship got caught in a storm, everyone abandoned the ship before the Navy could catch up and ask uncomfortable questions they couldn’t answer.

To this day, the ship is rusting on the island, and now tourists and Instagrammers are the only people interested in this beach.

Shipwreck Beach Viewpoint

The highlight of your time in Zakynthos would be taking a perfect picture at the Shipwreck Beach Viewpoint. The location is stunning, with a view of the white beach and a rusty shipwreck as the center point of the dramatic cliffs. However, you don’t get much time to enjoy the view because the location is heavily regulated.

You won’t get enough time to look around, so we suggest focusing on figuring out the best angle for your Instagram photo and getting that out of your way first.

Once you’re done, look around and enjoy the view for a few seconds (because that’s all you’ll get!) before it’s time to move on to the next spot.


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Blue Caves

The Blue Caves in Zakynthos are not deep, but the water surrounding them is electric blue. The spot makes for some Insta-worthy photos and an experience you can’t forget. As for the cliffs, they are a sight to behold. It might take a few extra dollars out of your pocket, but the boat trips are worth every cent, and you should see them by boat.

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You can rent a boat out for an hour, and if you get a combo ticket for Shipwreck Beach, you can even get a discount.

#MondoExplorerTip: If you want to save time getting in and out of the caves, try renting from a company with a private dock somewhere away from the crowd.


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Zakynthos Town

Another scenic location to visit in Zakynthos is Zakynthos Town with its lovely malecón, picturesque hills, and Insta-worthy pedestrian streets.

Many places are worth photographing in this location–there’s the Venetian fortress, the Church of Agios Dionysios, and tiny trains on wheels that are actually cars for city tours.

You can explore the city in bits and pieces, or you can go all out and dedicate a day or two to visit all the locations on your list and find the best Instagrammable spots in Zakynthos Town.

Kampi Sunset Tavernas

When you are traveling, you are expecting to find the best sunset spot in that city or town. While you are in Zakynthos, the best sunset spot would be atop the Kampi cliffs.

There’s a group of tavernas placed on the cliffs at different angles to provide tourists and visitors with the best sunset view in Zakynthos. You can have some beer and souvlaki to make the time more memorable.

Although the location is perfect for sunset shots, you can go there any time of the day to capture some great photos. Sunset Michalis Taverna is the place where you can find a great meal to go with the incredible views of the cliff.


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Porto Limnionas Beach

Greeks have a weird way of defining a beach. As long as there’s a meter of flat land near water, they’d call it a beach, and so happens with Porto Limnionas. It’s a beach in these terms only, but the spot is worth checking out.

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You’ll have a sheltered inlet to protect you from the sun and lots of space to find good photography spots. There’s a bar or restaurant to keep you fed, and if you are interested, you can enjoy snorkeling too.


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Korakonissi Sea Cave

By now, you must be thinking that all these spots look the same, but once you visit them one by one, you’ll see how unique each piece of land and water is.

If you are an adventure lover, you can swing yourself from one end of a tattered rope that goes along a natural rock arch. Otherwise, you can just move around the rocks and take some photos for your Instagram feed.


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Keri Lighthouse Restaurant

The restaurant is not a lighthouse, nor is it near one, but it’s located at a vantage point that gives you an opportunity to view the Mizithres islet in all its glory. The scenery is amazing, the food is delicious, and there’s nothing you won’t like about the restaurant.

Make sure to stay for the food, or else they’ll relegate you to the middle-table crowd who are only there for drinks.

When you stay to dine, you’ll get the cliff-front table and you can photograph the view from your camera.

Ionian Sunset Café

The café is located a short drive (five-minute walk) from the Keri Lighthouse Restaurant. It’s a little spot uphill from the restaurant if you want to watch the sunset, have a few snacks, and take some photos for your Instagram feed. It might be nothing more than a snack shack, but there are enough spots for you to choose from.

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They also keep stacks of chairs, so you can take them and sit wherever you want. There’s no entrance fee, and the prices of drinks are also reasonable, so you can comfortably stay for as long as you like.


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Plakaki Viewpoint

One of the hardest spots to find in Zakynthos is the Plakaki Viewpoint. It’s not a crowded area, and for a good reason. The viewpoint is located at a 15-minute steep hike down to the ocean before taking a flight of rough rocky stairs for five more minutes until you reach there.

However, the inconvenience of reaching the Plakaki Viewpoint and Beach is worth it because once you are at the bottom, you can see the gorgeous view of white rocks, looming cliffs, and clear blue water.

It’s not easy to swim in this region, but you can enjoy some privacy in the alcoves and snap a few photos too.


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Greece has some of the best islands in the world, and most of them have an abundance of Instagrammable spots, but Zakynthos has a charming beauty with a scenic punch that you don’t expect at first. The place is more affordable than most islands, and it naturally impresses you with each new spot.

Since you’ll be there to capture photos for your Instagram feed, make sure to visit all the Instagrammable places in Zakynthos we’ve mentioned. In case you feel more adventurous, feel free to roam around and find your own little spots for some Instagram-worthy photos!

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