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Most Instagrammable Places in Waco, Texas

Instagrammable places in Waco

You might be familiar with the city of Waco because of a certain home-renovating TV couple, but there’s more to Waco than meets the eye. This Texan city has incredibly picturesque locations where you can find places to capture the most Instagram-worthy shots. Waco has a thriving art scene, an unforgettable shopping experience, and a wealth of dining locations you must not miss!

From outdoor attractions to historic neighborhoods, here are all the Instagrammable places in Waco you should check out.

Instagrammable Places in Waco, Texas

Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market at the Silos has been featured on HGTV for most visitors to remember. When you are in Waco, you definitely have to visit the Magnolia Market. It’s a community space with a retail store that sits on a 2.5-acre land. There’s a large barn, so crowded isn’t something you need to be worried about.

There is a range of products that are sold in the market, and you can find anything from furniture to home décor (as you already know from HGTV). While you’re there, make sure to walk around to the backside of the building and find the wall with the magnificent logo. You should take a picture with that!


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Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute

Who doesn’t know Dr. Pepper? It’s among the oldest establishments in the country and a pioneer in the soft drink syrup manufacturing industry. The Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas, is one of the main tourist attractions. You don’t have to worry; there are enough places to capture an Instagrammable picture.

The building where Dr. Pepper Museum is right now used to be an Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company. It’s a privately owned building solely maintained and operated for the purpose of teaching visitors about the history of the industry. If you aren’t interested in that, feel free to grab a bottle and pose for your next photo.


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The Findery

The Findery is located near the Magnolia Market with a wall outlining the city of Waco in one ‘City with a Soul’ mural. It’s a colorful backdrop that you must include in one of your Instagram photos from the city. Besides the wall, you can explore The Findery to look for cool and interesting items.

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You’ll find a mix of vintage, modern, handmade, and classic items that will add to your souvenirs from Waco. If you love clothing and jewelry items, you’ll find enough vendors selling a variety of such things.


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My Greatest Find Mural

When you get there, you’ll realize that Waco is a city of beautiful murals. One of them is this ‘my greatest find’ floral mural that looks astounding in an Instagram post. This one is located close to Savage Finds and is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions in the city.

The mural is located in front of a train station, so the street does get busy during some hours of the day. However, you can find safe parking close by and step outside to pose for a few minutes and get the best photos for your Instagram feed.

Dear Waco

Another great mural that gets you smiling right away is this sweetest love note, ‘Dear Waco, We Love You!’ It’s located on one side of a business building, and despite it being tucked away, tourists find it easily because it is something worth photographing.

If you find many cars parked outside the location, 926 La Salle Ave. Waco, Texas 76706; you might miss this mural. So, make sure to look for BoHo Buffalo and reach the right spot for your next picture.


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Carleen Bright Arboretum

Waco does not have much natural beauty to offer, but Carleen Bright Arboretum might change your mind. It’s a nature preserve located near Waco, Texas, with 16 acres of natural beauty, out of which 8 acres are reserved for botanical gardens.

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Carleen Bright Arboretum has four zones. Each of them has a natural trail leading you through a forest, eastern and western gardens, and a beautiful wedding lawn. The place is booked throughout the year for various events.


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Greetings From Waco Postcard

A postcard on a wall! Why didn’t anyone think to make these sooner? Anyway, there are many cities with postcard murals, but the one in Waco has a beautiful backdrop that will add an outstanding shot to your collection. Greetings From Waco Postcard is on the side of a bar, so you might need a wide-angle shot to cover it.

Since it’s one wall of a bar, you might want to visit this location before or after business hours so that the parking lot is empty, and you can click the photo.


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Harp Design Co.

For the fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines, Harp Design Co. is a must-visit location because it features all of Clint’s work that he creates to complement Joanna’s designs. Their talent is truly admirable, and if you want your Instagram feed to showcase the best of Waco, Harp Design Co. should definitely be on there.

You can find custom woodwork, furniture, and beautiful pieces that showcase the talent of one-half of this couple. A Bed and Breakfast is located right next to Harp Design Co.—it used to be Clint’s house.


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Old Branch Davidian Swimming Pool

The Old Branch Davidian Swimming Pool has a tragic history. It’s a site famous for the standoff between David Koresh, one of the former leaders of the Branch Davidian religion. Although the religion is now only called The Branch, this site remains a tourist attraction associated with that one event.

In 1993, ATF, FBI, local police, and the military were called in to force David Koresh and Davidians out of hiding. It took 51 days to complete the operation, and many lives were lost. The firepower used during the operation burned the entire complex to the ground, leaving behind this Old Branch Davidian Swimming Pool. Interested in taking a picture here?


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Martin Museum of Art

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For all the art lovers visiting Waco, the Martin Museum of Art has a wonderful and fun setting. It’s operated by Baylor University’s art department, and you can easily find around 1,300 outstanding works of art here. They also hold temporary exhibits that have some truly awesome pieces that you can admire.

Given the versatility of the Martin Museum of Art, you’ll find many different locations to capture photos and post something artistic on your Instagram feed. There is no admission fee, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra dollars.


The most Instagrammable places in Waco, Texas provide you with an all-encompassing experience that takes you on a memorable trip. From the murals that highlight various walls in the city to museums and unique shopping locations, there’s a lot to explore.

Most people would say Texas does not have a lot of breathtaking locations, but once you visit Waco, you’ll realize there are a bunch of attractions to check out and a lot of murals to capture for your Instagram feed.

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