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Best Instagrammable Places in Sydney That Are Worth a Visit

Most Beautiful Instagrammable Places in Sydney

Many people are unaware that Sydney is more than just a hub for business and culture. It is one of the most well-built and beautiful cities in the world and has various Instagram-worthy locations where you can take the most wonderful shots. It is the perfect location to visit for students and backpackers alike since most sites are free to visit, and it’s very easy to entertain yourself on a budget. Sydney offers pristine beaches, beautiful bushlands, and an incredible skyline. The city’s urban nature will draw you in, and you can begin to explore cute restaurants, buildings, and attractions and take incredible photographs for your Instagram profile.

To help you check out the most Instagrammable places in Sydney, we have compiled a great list of places to visit. If you want to become the envy of your Instagram followers, you must check out these unexpected and hidden gems of Sydney for great photos.

Check Out the Most Amazing Instagrammable Places in Sydney

1. Sydney Opera House

When you visit Australia for the first time, it’s essential that you go to the iconic Sydney Opera House. The steps of the Sydney Opera House are the most Instagram-worthy spots in the city that can allow all your followers to know where you are vacationing instantly.

Although there might be a crowd when you visit the location, you can try to get there early to get Instagram shots for your profile without any distractions.

You can take shots of the views of the harbor or the Opera House’s instantly recognizable white sails. And you can also get a quick bite to eat near the foreshore and enjoy great affordable food with your friends.


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2. King Street at Newtown

If you are looking for great entertainment set up by locals, you should check out King Street at Newtown. There are plenty of Instagram-worthy spots in the incredible suburb of Newtown, and you can check out the location with a group of friends for more fun.

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We recommend you check out vintage shops and coffee joints on King Street first and make your way to alleyways full of graffiti art. The neighborhood comes alive in the dark as the bars in the area open, and locals come out to enjoy the live music.

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a must-see for first-time visitors to Sydney. It is one of the most iconic locations in the city aside from the Sydney Opera House and can be enjoyed most from the very top.

The climb to the top is exhilarating, but you can view all of Sydney from the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can climb the bridge or visit it with a guide who can take Insta-perfect photos for you. Seeing you at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is bound to make some of your followers green with envy!

4. Sydney Harbour National Park

Sydney Harbour National Park is a great location to visit, especially if you are in Australia with your kids. The Hornby Lighthouse at Sydney Harbour National Park is a candy-striped lighthouse that your children will love to see at sunset.

The lighthouse stands tall near the cliff’s edge and overlooks the bright blue ocean and golden orange sky. In the winter, you can even spot a whale in the ocean from the spot. It makes for an incredible Instagram-worthy spot for a photo since you can have the ocean or the towering lighthouse as a background for the shot.

5. Sydney Zoo

If you are an animal lover, you must visit the Sydney Zoo to take some shots of the wildlife of Australia. Australia has diverse wildlife unlike any other in the world.

Luckily, you can see all these fantastic animals at the Sydney Zoo, which is situated in Western Sydney.

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The zoo has a layout similar to that of a safari, and you can make reels for your followers as you get close with wombats, koalas, emus, and other interesting animals. The visit will also help you learn about wildlife conservation and treating animals correctly.


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6. Wendy’s Garden

After the death of the famous artist Brett Whiteley, his wife, Wendy Whiteley, created a public garden situated in the middle of Sydney’s Lavender Bay.

This garden is complete with beautiful flowers, plants, and trees, and it even has an oasis that people can enjoy. The most amazing feature of this garden is that it overlooks the harbor, which means you can get some really amazing shots at Wendy’s Garden with your friends.

If you want to spend quality time with your friends and family, you can arrange a picnic, take some snaps, or just enjoy the serene environment.


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7. Observatory Hill

If you are looking for perfect Insta-worthy shots for your profile, you must check out Observatory Hill. From Observatory Hill, you can view remarkable Sydney landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in the distance.

The perfect time to visit Observatory Hill is at sunset since you can get an incredible guided tour of the location along with a fantastic view of the setting sun.

You can stay longer with your friends at Observatory Hill if you want more time under the night sky or want classy retro-style pictures for Instagram with flash.

8. The Figure Eight Pools, Royal National Park

If you are willing to drive a bit further south of Sydney, you can check out the Instagram-famous location of the Figure Eight Pools at the Royal National Park.

The Figure Eight Pools at the Royal National Park is a great spot to visit for a photo shoot since it has a haunting beauty that makes for an edgy Instagram shot.

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However, when you begin planning a trip to visit, you should check the weather conditions before going to the rock shelf for the perfect Instagram picture. If you have more time to spare, you can go whale watching or enjoy a picnic with your loved ones there as well.

9. Luna Park

Sydney’s Luna Park is an exciting place to visit with friends and family since you can enjoy several rides and attractions at the amusement park.

The Park is situated at a prime location near the harbourside and has Art Deco architecture and design that awakens childlike wonder in people.

A great IG picture is to pose with your friends in front of the park’s entryway and click a selfie for your Instagram story while riding the 40m high Ferris wheel.


Sydney is a remarkable city full of incredible natural sights and a rich urban culture. If you plan to visit this fantastic city anytime soon, you should check out the places mentioned in the list above to capture some great shots for Instagram.

The best part about visiting these locations is that you can just be in the moment and get an excellent backdrop for your Instagram photos.

For more incredible Instagram-worthy locations in other cities, click on the links below.

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