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Best Instagrammable Places in Miami You Should Check Out

Best Instagrammable Places in Miami

With time, Miami has become one of the most famous cities in the USA, as many tourists are attracted by its sunny weather and great food. However, many people don’t realize that the best thing Miami offers to tourists is the incredible sights.

From turquoise water beaches to graffiti-painted alleyways, Miami is the hub of diverse landscapes that can make your followers green with envy. In Miami, you can post pictures of the urban landscape, colorful street art, beach sunrises, popular art deco hotels, local wildlife, and so much more.

You can even explore the scenic bay views and take a selfie chilling at one of Miami’s beautiful beaches.

If you want to improve your Instagram game and take vacation pictures that make your friends back home rave about your photography skills, visit any or all of the locations below to take spectacular photos you can show off to everyone.

Here Are the Top Instagrammable Places in Miami

1. Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is a popular location in Miami that features the best art deco architecture. The colorful setting of Ocean Drive can make for a cool Instagram shot, no matter if you are posing solo or with a bunch of friends.

Ocean Drive road stretches from South Pointe to the end of Barrier island of Miami beach.

Some people have also taken shots cruising in their cars, with the top off, along Ocean Drive road. You will also be able to find some iconic hotels and restaurants that have been featured in movies and television shows over the years.

The most notable places you can visit on Ocean Drive are the Sunray Apartments (from Scarface), Carlyle Hotel (from The Birdcage), and the fantastic 1939 Colony Hotel.


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2. Wynwood Walls

If you are a fan of street art, you must visit Wynwood Walls in Miami. It is one of the most vibrant and exciting places to visit, and you can get a chance to check out urban art by some of the most famous artists in the world.

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You can take impressive shots in the museum as well as in front of the lively wall murals painted with exquisite detail and care. Aside from promoting talented and experienced artists, the museum also features a public gallery called the GGA gallery.

The GGA gallery shines a light on emerging artists worldwide and highlights their contributions. You can find the Entrance to Wynwood Walls at Tony Goldman Way (NW Second Avenue).


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3. Calle Ocho

Miami is famous for being the home of the iconic Cuban sandwich in America as well as the hub of Cuban culture. Calle Ocho is a vibrant mix of Cuban eateries, festivals, and culture.

You can find Calle Ocho in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood and admire the impressive architecture, street art, and colorful buildings in the area.

You can take pictures in front of the Tower Theatre, which used to be active in 1926 but has now been transformed into a cultural center.

The Cuban Memorial Boulevard is also a great place to visit as it highlights the sacrifice of Cuban soldiers who fought in the Cuban War of Independence and the Bay of Pigs.


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4. Alice Wainwright Park

Full of upland plants, Alice WainwrightPark, is a protected canopy forest that allows tourists to take amazing photos in a natural landscape.

People can take scenic shots with the surrounding Coconut Grove neighborhood in the backdrop, photograph the Tropical Hammock wilderness, or take pictures of the limestone outcrop of the Miami Rock Bridge.

There are various vantage points at Alice Wainwright Park, and you can even take fantastic pictures of the Biscayne Bay waterfront from there.


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5. 8th Magic Mountain

If you are interested in adding a pop of color to your Instagram feed, you should check out Ugo Rondinone’s 8th Magic Mountain.

It is one of the most vibrant and grandest displays in Miami and can make you feel minuscule in comparison.

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You can find the 8th Magic Mountain at the Bass Museum of Art, where the 8th Magic Mountain towers almost around 42 feet. It is one of the best land art in the world and can make for a brilliant backdrop for your Instagram pictures.

6. Pérez Art Museum

If you are fascinated by art and want to admire some iconic exhibits in Miami, you should check out the Pérez Art Museum. Pérez Art Museum features some of the most Instagrammable pieces of art that can make your followers interested in your Miami adventures.

You can even take photographs in the hanging garden present in the Pérez Art Museum or check out its urban-tropical garden for some beautiful pictures.


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7. Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Whether you are visiting Miami with your children or friends, you must visit the Frost Museum of Science in Miami for some incredible shots.

Since the theme of the Frost Museum centers around science, most people find the exhibits fascinating and wonderfully Instagrammable. There is also a three-story aquarium at the museum where you can watch the mesmerizing ocean creatures swim and interact with each other.

When you take a picture near the aquarium, it will look as if you are underwater in a submarine, looking out to watch the fishes and other marine creatures.


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8. Baker’s Haulover Inlet

The Baker’s Haulover Inlet is a channel that connects the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. This means when you visit Baker’s Haulover Inlet, you will have plenty of opportunities to take pictures of the breathtaking city landscapes and beautiful natural beaches.

You will also be able to explore historical sites along the channel, such as the original Lighthouse Dock site and the State of Florida Historical Landmarks. Other places you can take pictures at Baker’s Haulover Inlet include the marina and other recreational areas in Haulover Park.

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If you visit the park, you will also be able to explore some wildlife and local plants at the location.


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9. Cavalier Hotel

If you are interested in Art Deco architecture, you must visit the Cavalier Hotel in Miami. You can take stunning pictures near the hotel that was designed by the architect Roy F. France.

Built in 1936, this hotel is a hidden gem in Miami that not many people post on their Instagram feed. This is why you can take a picture here to make your Instagram post original and more unique than others.


Miami is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for a fun place to vacation and take some impressive Instagram pictures. With a variety of natural landscapes and impressive cityscapes, you can take shots that make your followers want to visit Miami as well.

Miami’s art deco architecture and street art culture are prevalent throughout thecity. This means you can take impressive and original shots in the city without making your Instagram feed look like everyone else’s.

The best of the best places to visit in Miami from this list are the Wynwood Walls, Calle Ocho, and Baker’s Haulover Inlet. Whether you go with family or friends, you must check out some of the spots listed above on your next trip to Miami and take memorable Instagram pictures.

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