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Best Instagrammable Places in Kolkata, India

Instagrammable places in Kolkata, India

Historical buildings, busy streets with yellow taxis, and crowded markets are just some of the quirky little things you will find in Kolkata. Being the capital city of West Bengal state in India, Kolkata has a lot of spectacular sights to offer your eyes and Instagram feed!

You may wonder what you can find in one of the busiest cities of West Bengal. Let us help you explore the Instagrammable places in Kolkata you’ll fall in love with at first sight. These places are immensely photogenic, exuding traditional South East Asian charm that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

Instagrammable Places in Kolkata

House of Dolls (Putul Bari)

Located on Sovabazar St. in Kolkata, the House of Dolls or Putul Bari is a vast building that’s been standing since Victorian times. You may have watched this building in the “City of Joy,” a film by Roland Joffé, who introduced it as a warehouse in the film.

The history of Putul Bari is not that simple—several haunting stories revolve around the building because of the various doll-like objects that you can see on the terrace. If anything, this location is an offbeat Instagrammable place in Kolkata. We recommend that you wear bright colors for your photos here because it will present a great contrast with the background of the House of Dolls.

College Street

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Kolkata, College Street is a must-visit place for any tourist. It’s famously known as “Boi Para,” which means book lane. College Street is located in Central Kolkata, and you can find some of the most popular places in Kolkata here, such as The Indian Coffee House.

#MondoExplorerTip: The coffee shop is where you should snap a few pictures because it has a popular meeting spot for various artists, writers, singers, and prominent personalities of their time. Book markets are also worth a visit because you’ll find great spots as backdrops for your photographs.

Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary (NarendrapurRathtalaKayaler Bagan)

Recognized as a bird sanctuary in 1982 by Sundarban Biosphere, Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary became a notable spot to visit in Kolkata. It’s a place of calm and peace with lush green trees—a sanctuary away from the chaos of city life. You must visit the place to capture photos of the beautiful birds for your Instagram feed.

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Birds like Streak-throated woodpeckers, orange-breasted green pigeons, and crested serpent eagles are present at the sanctuary. Other than the birds, there are orchids and ferns that provide a great backdrop for photos.


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Metcalfe Hall

Metcalfe Hall is located at the intersection of Hare Street and Strand Road. It’s a heritage site that’s been in the location since the colonial era and was erected in honor of Sir Charles T. Metcalfe. He was the Governor-General of India during that era who contributed greatly to the freedom of the press.

The hall is an exhibition center with Bengali aspects on display, such as black and white, old neighborhood photos, popular movie posters, Bengali wedding artifacts, and a Goddess Durga display.

The Victoria Memorial

One of the must-visit and most Instagrammable places in Kolkata is the Victoria Memorial. If it’s your first time in Kolkata, make sure to visit the location before any other place—it will leave a mark! It was built between 1906 and 1921 in loving memory of Queen Victoria.

The architectural heritage building has the best of Colonial India represented in one location. It’s made of Makrana Marble that looks outstanding in a photograph. Although photography is not allowed inside, you can take as many photos as you want outside with a sunset or a sunrise view.


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Esplanade is famous among photographers as one of the most Instagrammable neighborhoods in Central Kolkata. The most photogenic building in the neighborhood is the Metropolitan Building on Chowringhee Road, which looks stunning from any angle.

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#MondoExplorerTip: The roads are pretty busy all the time with traffic, so you have to be careful when taking pictures here.

North Kolkata

This is part of town that you must visit for the historical buildings and the true Bengali culture experience. North Kolkata is the soul of the city, with buildings radiating old charm and too-narrow lanes making perfect spots for Instagram-worthy shots.

You can visit Hatibagan, Shobhabazar, Shyambazar, Kumortuli, and Maniktala Garpar, among other locations, to capture as many photos as you can in a day. Or you can visit North Kolkata multiple days in a row to get your fill of old architecture, narrow streets, and historical buildings.

Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat offers sights like a beautiful sunset while riding a boat across the river Ganga and a view of Vidyasagar Setu. The ghat is famous for its picturesque views during sunset and sunrise. So be there before either to get the best shots of the sky in different hues.

If it rains, do not visit the Prinsep Ghat because the sky won’t have many colors to offer for your camera. Visit on a sunny day when the skies are clear and illuminated by the sun.


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Calcutta Bungalow

If you are done with authentic Indian or Bengali historical buildings, visit the Calcutta Bungalow, which has a blend of European and Bengali styles. It’s an old building with stone floors, exposed red bricks, Corinthian columns, old wooden beds, iron latticework, and vintage chandeliers—it would be hard to find a combination like that anywhere else!

The Calcutta bungalow is a restored heritage hotel now with modern amenities, such as a heater and an air conditioner. However, the interior and architecture are intact, with nostalgic wood cabinets and terracotta pots with Frangipani trees.

Writers Building

The building was constructed in 1777 as the headquarters for the British East India Company. It’s now the Writers Building, but a few years ago, it was used as the West Bengal State Government secretary’s office. This is another building in Kolkata with a haunting history that you can learn about between 10 am and 4 pm visiting time.

Hastings House or Bhoot Bangla

While there are other buildings in Kolkata with a haunting history, none are more haunted than this one. If you want a spooky touch to your Instagram feed, make sure to visit the Hastings House.

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With Italian Renaissance period architecture and pristinely manicured lawns, the building sits on a 30-acre land with porticos, several doors, and large windows. Make sure to match your outfit with the spooky vibe of the place to let your followers know what to expect!


Here are the best places to visit in Kolkata, India. From North Kolkata to Prinsep Ghat, Writers Building, and Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary, there are many locations in the city for you to visit and shoot with your camera until you have the best Instagram-worth shots to share with your followers.

With a rich heritage and colorful locations, the Instagrammable places in Kolkata offer more than photographs for your social media feed. It’s an experience that you’ll keep close to your heart until your next visit to the city of joy!

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