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Top Instagrammable Places in Goa for Your Bucket List

Instagrammable places in Goa

Goa is a state in western India with sun-kissed beaches, historical monuments, thrilling watersports, beautiful churches, bustling flea markets, and more. Most importantly, all these places in Goa are Instagrammable!

The state of Goa is an Instagram-ready place, and you won’t have time to visit all the fantastic locations in one visit. So, we have narrowed down the best Instagrammable places in Goa for you to see on your next trip as well!

Instagrammable Places in Goa

Immaculate Conception Church or Panjim Church

Locally known as the Panjim church, the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church was built in 1541. It started as a Baroque-style church, and later in 1609, it gained the stature of a church. Panjim church is easy to find because it’s located in the center of Panaji city, Goa.

There’s an ancient bell hanging at the top of the church, and it’s considered the 2nd largest in the entire state of Goa. The completely white exterior of the church signifies Virgin Mary. You should visit the church in December for Christmas week or the Panjim feast.

#MondoExplorerTip: The best spots for photography are the laterite stone stairs and the zigzag stairs that lead you up to the church’s grounds.

Joseph Bar

Joseph Bar is a small old-school tavern, which is nothing more than a hole-in-the-wall and is famous all over India. Located in the popular neighborhood of Fontainhas in Panaji, Goa, Joseph Bar has a limited menu with limited seats, and the place is famous among people who want to catch up with friends on weekends or grab a drink after work.

The colorful lights illuminating the signboard will make it easy for you to find Joseph Bar. The place has been standing for decades, and locals and tourists visit the bar for drinks and maybe some Instagram-worthy photos.


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You already know about Joseph Bar in Fontainhas neighborhood, but there are many places to visit in this colorful part of Goa. UNESCO has declared this neighborhood a Heritage Zone, which makes it even more popular among tourists.

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You’ll find architectural designs with Portuguese influence—a reason this neighborhood is also called Latin Quarter.

Antonio Joao de Sequeira was a wealthy Portuguese man who settled in this part of Panaji back in the 18th century. This neighborhood has many traditional and old buildings to explore and capture with your camera.

Make sure to have those overhead balconies and red-tiled roofs in your frame! There’s no use taking a cab or any other transport to this neighborhood—it’s best explored on foot.

Sunaparanta Art Gallery & Café Bodega

Sunaparanta Center for the Arts is a space reserved for performances and art exhibitions. The art gallery has hosted musical performances, book releases, and workshops for a long time.

Film clubs also used this location to have film screenings. It all might sound like a regular art gallery, but the architecture will take your breath away.

It’s actually a Portuguese house painted in white and indigo blue. The imperial staircase takes you up to the ancestral house where you’ll find Café Al Fresco, or as locals call it, Café Bodega.

The property is surrounded by lush greenery too, so there are enough places (in and out) for you to explore and upload on your Instagram feed.


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Reis Magos Fort

Reis Magos is Portuguese for “Three Wise Men.” Located on the opposite bank of Panaji, Reis Magos is a 16th-century fort that was used as a prison until 1993.

No matter what the fort was used for before, it’s now a popular tourist attraction and wedding venue. Laterite rocks were used to build the fort, which is the reason for its’ interior brick-red color.

There are many Instagrammable spots at Reis Magos Fort that will help you capture unique photographs.

You can also take some vantage point pictures to cover a panoramic view of the river. You can also find the winding staircase inside the fort, which serves as the perfect spot for photography.


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Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount

This church is one of the oldest churches in the city. It’s a Roman Catholic church located in Old Goa, dedicated to the worship of the Virgin Mary. It was built in the 16th century in the standard Baroque style with laterite stones.

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The location of this church is what attracts tourists from all over the world. It’s perched on top of a hillock and provides the best sunset view from a vantage point.

The church also overlooks the Mondovi River, making it a perfect spot for Insta-worthy photos.

Due to its location, you can see many places from here, including the Se Cathedral and St. Augustine Tower. The three prominent buildings form a triangular pattern.



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Parra Road

It’s a special place only when there’s no crowd. The road is pretty ordinary except for the coconut groves and fields on either side of the road. If you want to take some Instagram photos here, you must visit before it gets crowded.

If you Google Parra Road Goa, you’ll mostly find Instagram-worthy pictures of people that you can take inspiration from.


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Beachside Sunset

Other places are only known to seasoned travelers and tourists. Those who hear about Goa mostly know it for its beaches. When the sky turns from golden yellow to orange hue, you should take out your camera and snap away!

Sometimes the sky also turns pink and purple, which can be a rare shot. You can visit the beaches in Goa for amazing sunset pictures and then head over to the seafood shacks to grab a delicious dinner (also Instagrammable!)


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Chapora Fort

Another tourist attraction in Goa makes for an amazing background for Instagram photos. Chapora Fort got its popularity after it appeared in the Bollywood film, Dil Chahta Hai. The fort is also known as ‘Dil Chahta Hai Fort’ after it gained recognition. Many people visit the fort just to recreate the iconic scene from the film.

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This fort was also built using the same red laterite stones that other buildings in this area were, such as the Reis Magos Fort and Panjim Church. The location might be tempting, but the trek may discourage some people.

So, prepare yourself for a trekking course before you reach the fort.

#MondoExplorerTip: Remember, it’s better to avoid the afternoon heat if you want to have some energy left to take pictures later.

Arambol Sweet Water Lake

It’s a freshwater lake on the other side of Arambol Beach cliffs in North Goa. The path to reach the lake is a bit challenging, but if you are careful, you’ll be there in no time.

After climbing the few rocks, walk on the narrow path to find the lake that has magnificent views of the mountain on one side and the beach on the other.


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Goa is a picturesque state in India with warm people, historical buildings and churches, and beaches with beautiful sunsets. There’s a lot to explore, from the 16th-century churches to forts made of laterite rocks and stones.

So, make sure you have your most important Instagrammable places in Goa listed down before you pack your bags and head for your next vacation!

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