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Instagrammable Places in Delaware that Will Make Your Followers Turn Green with Envy

top Instagrammable places in Delaware

If you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation and take pictures against unspoiled natural backdrops, in small towns, and the charming rustic countryside, you should visit Delaware. Delaware is one of the smallest states in the USA and is only 96 miles long and 35 miles at its widest spot. Nevertheless, it offers visitors from the USA and foreigners alike a chance to explore breathtaking landscapes that showcase nature’s bounty.

In Delaware, you can enjoy winding stone walls, adorable colonial houses, pristine inviting beaches, and mirror lakes that offer great photo opportunities. The natural spots in Delaware are magnificent, and you don’t have to be an expert photographer to take great photos in this scenic state. Delaware is also known as the “Small Wonder”, which perfectly sums up the captivating sights and locations you will witness here.

If you are planning to visit Delaware any time soon, we recommend traveling to some of the most attractive spots from the list below. These spots are perfect for photographers or Instagrammers who want to inspire wanderlust in their followers.

Here Are Some of the Most Fantastic Instagrammable Places in Delaware

1. Old State House, Dover

If you want an impressive shot at one of Delaware’s most iconic historical locations, you should visit the Old State House in Dover, Delaware. The Old State House in Dover was built in 1791 and is a remarkable redbrick building that attracts local as well as foreign travelers.

The building was used as the state’s capitol until 1933, which is why you will notice the architecture of the state house to be impressively grand. If you happen to visit the Old State House in Dover, you should make sure to check out the historic courtroom, where you can take some terrific artsy photos.

2. Trap Pond State Park, Laurel

If you are a fan of serene nature spots, you must check out the Trap Pond State Park in Laurel, Delaware.

This state park is one of the best attractions in Laurel, and you can enjoy a variety of trails at the location. You can take the 4.6-mile Bob Trail for some incredible colorful vistas or enjoy the Terrapin Branch Water Trail to see the kaleidoscope of colors reflected in the stunning waterway.

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If you are at the Trap Pond State Park, we recommend visiting the Baldcypress Nature center, where visitors can learn more about the area’s history.


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3. Lewes-Rehoboth Canal, Lewes

If you want calming pictures against the waterfront for your Instagram feed, we recommend going to the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal in Lewes.

The area covers about 45,000 acres, among which 14.1 miles is covered by a picturesque canal. It is a famous fishing spot in Lewes and connects Rehoboth Bay to Delaware Bay.

If you are dedicated to catching the beautiful canal in all its glory, we suggest going kayaking since you can enjoy the best views of the location from the water.

4. Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Smyrna

If you are looking for a change of scenery to somewhere relaxing, head to the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Smyrna, Delaware.

This quiet location borders the beautiful Delaware Bay and is home to exceptional fauna and flora. You will be able to check out great forests, tidal pools, swamps, and an impressive tidal salt marsh and mud flats.

5. Delaware Memorial Bridge, New Castle

The Delaware Memorial Bridge is lit up beautifully at night and instantly catches your attention. It celebrates and honors the lives of the soldiers who died in World War II, Vietnam, the Korean Conflict, and Operation Desert Storm.

The Delaware Memorial bridges are a set of two suspension bridges that span over the Delaware River and carry cars and other vehicles to Pennsville, New Jersey. It is a stunning architectural structure, a must-visit for people visiting Delaware for the first time.


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6. Wilmington Skyline, Wilmington

Wilmington is one of the most popular cities in Delaware that borders the beautiful Christiana River. Wilmington has hosted a variety of different settlers from different backgrounds, such as Quakers, British, and Dutch, due to its vicinity to the Christiana River.

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When you visit Wilmington, you will find it to be a fun mix of culture, historical buildings, and stunning gardens where you can take great pictures to impress your followers.

The most popular site to visit in Wilmington has to be the Brandywine Valley, but most tourists stay longer in Wilmington to enjoy the funky and fun vibe of the city.

7. Cape Henlopen State Park, Lewes

When you visit Lewes, you must check out the Cape Henlopen State Park in the area. The iconic World War II observation tower is a must-visit location, and you can climb on top of it to view the nearby scenic views.

You can enjoy the sandy shores, crashing waves, and rolling dunes at the Cape Henlopen State Park and take fantastic pictures with these unique natural backdrops.

Whether you are an amateur or a pro photographer, you will find it impossible to take a bad picture at this spot. If you want to try out some activities at the state park, you can go out fishing, play games with friends on the beachside, or explore the wetlands.

8. Bethany Beach, Sussex County

If you just want a peaceful vacation spot in Delaware, you should check out the boardwalk and sandy shoreside of Bethany beach in Sussex County.

Bethany beach is the perfect place for a soul-soothing vacation where you can enjoy the beautiful sights and laze around under the sun.

You can take great shots at the beach as well. Therefore, be ready to catch the sunset and sunrise at the location to take pictures when Bethany Beach looks its best.

9. Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Milton

If you want to explore a one-of-a-kind wildlife refuge on your Delaware trip, we recommend checking out the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Milton.

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The sights of Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge are enjoyed best with a high-quality camera and binoculars.

You will be able to observe some incredible migratory birds at the refuge making their way north or south, depending on the season. They follow the Atlantic Flyway and look stunning, soaring in the sky before sunset.

The wildlife refuge is situated on the bank of Delaware Bay and offers tourists the chance to check out salt and freshwater marshes, forests, wooded swamps, and ponds.


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With this extensive list of fantastic places to visit in Delaware, we hope you have found some inspiration to explore the natural sites in the state.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for adventure or want to go on a relaxing trip, you can visit Delaware to take stunning holiday pictures that will inspire your followers to travel to the state as well. Learn more about Instagrammable locations in other areas of the world by clicking any of the links below.

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