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Top Instagrammable Places in Brisbane to Visit on Your Aussie Tour

Most Instagrammable Places in Brisbane You Need to See

Most people who visit Australia want to explore the more well known tourist cities like Melbourne and Sydney. However, in addition to bustling cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Australia has a lot to offer to tourists.

Brisbane is one of the most fun places you can visit in Australia if you want to explore a new city and take awesome pictures for your followers. In Brisbane, you can find awe-inspiring gardens, various vantage points, a stunning skyline, impressive architecture, and so much more.

To help you impress your followers on Instagram and make your Instagram profile look aesthetically pleasing, we have listed some of the top Instagrammable places you can visit in Brisbane. While some of these places are iconic tourist spots, there are also a few hidden gems in the list that may take you by surprise.

Check Out the Most Popular Instagrammable Places in Brisbane

1. QUT Gardens Point

If you are visiting Brisbane, it is crucial that you visit the iconic fairy light tree and take a picture in front of it. Even not many locals of Brisbane have pictures in this magical spot, making it one of the best places to check out when you want to impress your followers.

Situated in the QUT Gardens Point, these two fig trees are wonderfully lit by fairy lights, giving it an ethereal look at night. You can find this spot near the banks of the Brisbane River.

If you are unsure about visiting this spot on your tour of Brisbane, you should know that it has been featured on all major Brisbane Instagram profiles, such as @brisbanecitycouncil, @studybrisbane, @visitbrisbane, @brisbanecity, and more.

2. Brisbane Sign and Brisbane Wheel

Similar to how Bin Ben and the London Eye make for iconic backdrops for Instagram pictures, Brisbane offers a beautifully lit Brisbane sign and the Wheel of Brisbane for a stunning backdrop for your Instagram pictures. You can pose solo or take a selfie while having fun with your friends and family in front of the giant Wheel of Brisbane.

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While you can take pictures at the Wheel of Brisbane any time of the day, it is recommended to take pictures of the Brisbane sign at night. In the dark, the sign pops brightly against the city’s skyline, making it even more impressive. You can check out the Brisbane Sign and the Wheel of Brisbane a few meters away at South Bank.


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3. Kangaroo Point and Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park

If you want to post some relaxed shots of yourself with the city’s skyline as the backdrop, you should visit Kangaroo Point in Brisbane.

Many people love visiting Kangaroo Point since you can enjoy fantastic views of Brisbane and spend time quietly contemplating or strolling with loved ones along the cliffs.

#MondoExplorerTip: The best time to take pictures at Kangaroo Point is around morning or early afternoon, as you will be able to capture the brilliant blue of the sky, and the sunlight will brighten your picture.

If you are near Kangaroo Point, it is essential that you also check out Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park, which is in the same area. With well-structured walking paths and fantastic art installations, Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park has plenty of Instagrammable spots that you can photograph and post on your feed.

You can pose in front of these installations or photograph these eerily symmetrical and classy pieces of art on their own. You will also be able to find a popular restaurant near Kangaroo Point Cliffs where you can chill with your friends for a while and eat ice cream or even enjoy a delicious lunch.

4. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

If you are looking for a hidden gem located in Brisbane, you must check out the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is one of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets, and you can easily reach it by opting for the ferry service to the outskirts of the city. This sanctuary is home to various marsupials and can be a fun place to visit with friends or children.

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You can meet cuddly koalas at this sanctuary, feed kangaroos from your hand and interact with them, and explore more of the fascinating wildlife of Australia. You can take a picture of a soft koala napping on a tree or an inquisitive kangaroo looking for more food to post on your Instagram feed.

Most people also like to take pictures interacting with these native Australian animals and make their followers envious.

5. Roma Street Parkland

In the heart of the city, you will be able to see the most spectacular Insta-worthy spot in Brisbane. The Roma Street Parkland spans over 16 hectares and must be the first on your list to visit whenever you go to Brisbane. It is beautifully structured and comprises a large variety of plants, trees, and colorful landscapes.

Even if you are exploring the city alone, you won’t get bored checking out the scenic spots at Roma Street Parkland. The space has quiet elegance and glamor that you won’t be able to find in other cities in Australia. It also holds cultural and historical significance for Australians and can also make for an Instagram-worthy backdrop you shouldn’t miss out on.


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6. Story Bridge

Since it was opened to the public in 1940, Story Bridge has become an iconic part of Brisbane’s skyline. It connects Kangaroo point to the main city, and you can easily find a spot to take a picture for the ‘gram here.

The best part about taking pictures at the Story Bridge is that you can capture all types of photographs with different angles and lighting, all of which are bound to look good.

#MondoExplorerTip: You can take a distant shot of the Story Bridge as you take a walk or drive over it. The best angle you should try for your Instagram shot is from the ferry as you pass under the bridge on the Brisbane River.


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7. Museum of Brisbane

Contrary to what most people expect, the Museum of Brisbane is very cool and can be a great place to take Instagram-worthy shots. The space was opened to the public in 2003 and it educates visitors about Brisbane’s history, culture, people, and art.

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Even if you aren’t a big fan of museums, you wouldn’t be able to pull yourself away from the impressive exhibits any time soon. It is a great place to visit with family or on a fun date with your partner. All museum exhibits are inspired by Brisbane’s liveliness and can engage visitors in interesting conversations.


If you are visiting Australia on a solo trip or a family vacation, it is essential that you make time to tour the wonderful city of Brisbane as well. Brisbane has much to offer to travel vloggers and bloggers who want to highlight unique and relaxing places in Australia.

If you are in the city for a short time and want to check out some cool spots for Instagram photos, be sure to check out the best of the best places on this list, such as Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, QUT’s Gardens Point, and Roma Street Parkland.

For more details, click on the links below to learn about more Instagrammable spots in other regions.

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