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Top Instagrammable Places in Barcelona You Shouldn’t Miss

Instagrammable Places in Barcelona

Spanish cities are worth visiting at least once in your lifetime, and if you plan to do it soon, start with Barcelona!

As a picturesque city in Spain, Barcelona has magnificent architecture, beautiful parks, and other locations that are Instagram-worthy. Following are some Instagrammable places in Barcelona that you must visit when you are in town!

Instagrammable Places in Barcelona

Outside Sagrada Família

Since UNESCO deemed it a world heritage site, Sagrada Família has been a must-visit place in Barcelona. Instagrammers will love the fact that they can take as many pictures as they like of this work of art.

As the architectural gem in Barcelona, Sagrada Família is inspirational despite the cranes that represent the unfinished work. It needs at least a decade more to complete, but you can still capture exceptional pictures from various angles.

Inside Sagrada Família

The outside of Sagrada Família is stunning, but wait until you step inside. It’s one of the best places you’ll visit in Barcelona! Antoni Gaudí is the genius behind the architectural design of this structure.

With stained glass windows, marvelous sculptures, and an energetic vibe, the inside of Sagrada Família is impressive. You can also buy a ticket to climb one of its towers and capture a panoramic view of Barcelona.

Casa Padua

El Putxet i el Farró neighborhood has a hidden gem called Casa Padua that you must capture for your Instagram feed.

Most tourists and travelers are unaware of its existence because it’s hidden quite well.

If you want your IG feed to look unique from other Barcelona tourists, make sure to dedicate time to visit Casa Padua. The vast red door will be awaiting your arrival!

Restaurante Miramar

Want to enjoy the scenic view of Montjuïc mountain? Then, reserve a table at Restaurante Miramar facing the stunning natural setting.

It’s the hottest spot in Barcelona for fine dining, enjoying a cocktail, and capturing some Instagram-worthy pictures of the surroundings.

You’ll also find the Montjuïc Cable Car right next to the restaurant so that you can get a bird’s eye view.


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Barcelona City Olympic Swimming Pool

Barcelona has two outdoor Olympic pools on Montjuïc mountain, and both of them offer the best views of the city. One of the pools, Piscines Bernat Picornell, is open year-round, and the other one, Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc, is only accessible to the public during July and August.

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You won’t be able to access the diving section, but you can take amazing pictures at the pool and upload them for your followers.


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Arc de Triomf

Located in the Ciutadella park in Barcelona, Arc de Triomf is worth checking out.

It’s a spectacular monument designed by Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas for the Barcelona World Fair in 1888.

It was the main access gate for the fair at the time, and since then, it’s been an iconic landmark for the city. It sounds similar to the landmark Arc de Triomf, France, but it’s not the same. The one in Barcelona is a small red-bricked structure.


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Park Güell

Besides the Sagrada Família, Park Güell is one of the Instagrammable places in Barcelona you must visit.

It’s a famous tourist spot, so you won’t have a problem locating it, but make sure to avoid the crowd if you want to capture the beauty of this spot in one picture.

It was designed by Antoni Gaudí, the same architect who designed the breathtaking Sagrada Família! Once you take a look at Park Güell, you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking snaps of colorful mosaics and whimsical sculptures.

Casa Batlló

With unique architecture and eye-catching design, Casa Batlló is another one of Antoni Gaudí’s works of art. He was the most influential architect of the past century, and Barcelona’s architectural history can’t thank him enough for designing unconventional yet stunning masterpieces.

You can see the uniqueness of his work in the curved lines of Casa Batlló and capture the exquisite structure for your Instagram feed. You can visit the location for a fee and explore many features, including the rooftop terrace.


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Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral has a 14th-century altarpiece by Jaume Huguet, a Catalan painter. It’s one of the most treasured artworks in the cathedral.

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The building has Gothic architecture, and it took more than a century to complete this structure. The rose window in the Barcelona Cathedral is among the largest in Europe. You can visit the cathedral for worship, concerts, events, or simply to snap some photos!

Bunkers del Carmel

An easy way to get a view of the entire city of Barcelona from a vantage point is to visit the Carmel Bunkers. The place is located in the north of Barcelona atop a hill.

It used to be an anti-aircraft defense area, but now it’s an abandoned location for tourists and locals to visit whenever they want. For a panoramic view of Barcelona’s skyline, you can be at the Carmel Bunkers on a clear day. Also, the sunsets are amazing!


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La Pedrera

La Pedrera is one of Gaudí’s designs. By now, it must feel like the entire city only has this architect’s work to represent Barcelona! Gaudí was a remarkable artist/architect, and his work must be preserved for future generations to see.

You can contribute to that by clicking some Instagrammable snaps and posting them online for the rest of the world.

Palau de la Musica

It’s a concert hall in Barcelona that mixes the best of architecture and music for you to capture for your Instagram.

While the rest of the place is spectacular, you mustn’t miss taking a picture at the colorful balcony.

You can book an early entry to visit the balcony before the crowd gathers and make it impossible to take a clear shot.


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La Boqueria

Whenever you are in a new city, make sure to visit its famous market to see what all the fuss is about!

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Once you visit La Boqueria, you’ll know why it’s always crowded with locals, visitors, and tourists.

From best cured meat to fresh fruit, there’s nothing you can’t find here! Some stalls are more famous than others, like the smoothie stalls that serve technicolor concoctions.

La Boqueria is the oldest market in Barcelona, and the counter-seating eateries serve some of the most delicious quick-bite foods.


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Pont del Bisbe

Pont del Bisbe is the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain. It’s a popular spot among tourists, so you’ll find yourself right at home snapping pictures at any spot.

Pont del Bisbe, or the Bishop’s Bridge, was constructed in 1928, but the construction does not make it seem so. Next time you are there, make sure to appreciate the genius of Joan Rubió i Bellver, the architect who turned this bridge into a reality.


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With so many Instagrammable places in Barcelona, you can be confused about which ones to visit first. We recommend checking out Sagrada Família, Parc Güell, and Casa Batlló before you schedule your visits to other locations. In fact, any place designed by Antoni Gaudí is worth visiting for some Instagram posts!

Moreover, we get that the city can mesmerize you into focusing only on your photography, but pay attention to your surroundings because pickpockets roam the streets of some tourist locations.

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