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Intriguing Facts about Japan You Never Knew

Facts about Japan

Japan is one of the most interesting places in the world. It has its own unique culture and technological advancements that inspired the rest of the world. Although this may be the case, Japan’s culture is widely misunderstood.

Japan is an interesting country and they have very unique culture and traditions. So don’t be surprised if you see raw horse meat in their menu or if you see a lot of vending machines that line their streets. It is just part of their colorful culture.

Even if you have never been there, you can admit that Japan is one interesting country. After reading our list of super-fascinating facts about Japan, you will be eager to pack your bags and book your ticket.

From the religion and the economy, to their lifestyle and natural beauty, Japan is a wonderful place. It also has some pretty strange and incredible tidbits. So take a moment or two to read about this popular Asian country. You will be surprised by how much you will learn! And our apologies, but we don’t have any sushi to offer you!

Super Fascinating Facts about Japan

1 Famous Names

If you love Sony, Toshiba, Honda, Toyota, or Nintendo, you can thank Japan for that.

2 King of the Nerds

Japan is a technological giant, and is a worldwide leader in the field of robotics.

3 Look Out Below!

Due to its large amount of manufacturing and power plants, Japan deals with periods of acid rain.

4 An Ancient Home

The ancient civilizations of Japan date back thousands of years.

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5 Nature Lovers, Unite!

About 75% of the country is made up of nature, such as mountains and woods.

6 Ring of Fire

Japan sits among the “Ring of Fire,” a land area where volcanoes are quite common.

7 Too Many People?

In Japan alone, there are over 120,000,000 people.

8 Majestic Mountain Views

Mount Fuji in Japan is super tall: 12,388 feet tall!

9 An Island Nation

Japan is a country that is made up of over 6,000 islands!

10 Japan by Another Name

In Japanese, it is called “Nippon”, which means “from the sun.”

11 High Literacy Rate

The literacy rate of the country is between 99% and 100%.

12 Coffee is More Popular than Tea?

Contrary to what most people think, Japan is not really a tea-drinking nation. Most Japanese prefer coffee over tea. In fact, the country imports about 85% of coffee from Jamaica.

13 Many Writing Systems

Japanese use four writing systems, which include Kanji, Romaji, Katakana, and Hiragana.

14 Some Fruit is CRAZY Expensive!

In Japan, muskmelon, a distant relative of the cantaloupe, can fetch as high as $300USD.

15 Religion is Less Emphasized

Religion does not play a big role among the Japanese. In fact, most of them were born without religion so do not ask them questions about it.

16 Use Slippers

When you use the restroom in someone’s house, you are required to use a designated bathroom slipper so that you do not contaminate the rest of the home.

17 Eat Noodles Properly

The correct way of eating soba noodles is to slurp loudly. Japanese believe that slurping indicates that the food is good. It also helps to cool down the noodles.

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18 Christmas Hits Different in Japan

Christmas in Japan is like Valentine’s Day. It is a day for lovers. So if you are single, expect a cold and lonely Christmas.

19 The Train is Very Popular

Most Japanese use the train system quite frequently. At times, the trains are overly crowded that railway staff are often employed to cram or push passengers inside. Also, if you don’t speak Japanese you might find it impossible to read the maps – I did at least!

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