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Most Remarkable Facts About Canada

Facts about Canada

O, Canada, Glorious and Free! Our remarkable facts about Canada are a wonderful list of some wacky and interesting tidbits about good ol’ Canada. Did you know that way back in 1,000 A.D; a group of Vikings landed on the coast of Canada?

Yup, and now you can head to this country, where they consume the most fruit juice and have the largest number of donut shops in the world. You can also find 630 species of birds here; it is absolutely beautiful! You will have to bundle up though, because up here in the North it gets mighty cold! Keep reading for more fun facts.

Facts about Canada

1 Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The baseball mitt was a Canadian invention, dating back to 1883.

2 Go, Team!

Along with hockey, lacrosse is a national sport in Canada.

3 Welcome to the Loony Bin

The loonie is what the Canadian dollar is commonly referred to.

4 City Slickers

About 80% of the Canadian population lives in the city.

5 Immigration Nation

Almost 50% of the Canadian population was not born in Canada.

6 What Time is it?

Good luck finding out, because Canada’s territories are sectioned into 6 time zones.

7 Fancy a Swim?

The longest coastline in the world is in Canada and is almost 152,000 miles long. .

8 Brrr!

It really is freezing; Ottawa (Canada’s capital) is the 2nd-coldest capital city worldwide.

9 Big and Mighty

Believe it or not, Canada is the second-biggest country on the planet. .

10 Many Famous Folks Have Come From Canada

Justin Bieber, James Cameron, and Michael Buble are just some of the famous Canucks.

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Canadians sure are smart; even though the official languages are English and French, 99% of the Canadian population is literate. And did you know that their iconic maple leaf national flag was a replacement for the Union Jack in 1965? And if you love playing Trivial Pursuit, thank Canada!

Canada History – Timeline and Animation in 5 Minutes

This is a super fun animated video that will give you a quick history of Canada in 5 minutes.