Jun 25, 2017

Seattle Travel Experiences

Rimmed by the towering peaks of the Cascades and Olympics and with breathtaking water views at every turn, Seattle is undoubtedly one of America’s most beautiful cities. There are few places in the country that intertwine themselves both spiritually and physically with the astounding natural setting in quite the same the way that Seattle does. Yet, this city of coffee and rain is much more than an outdoor mecca; its downtown core entices with world-class culture and sports, historic pubs and cafes, a pulsating music scene, and a vibrant waterfront. Its distinctive neighborhoods, each with their own sense of identity and personality, add flavor. With so much to see and explore—and plenty of opportunities for a freshly-brewed cup of joe—Seattle captivates, and you just might return home with rain in your veins.


Photo Credit: Flickr

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Green Travel Tips   

Eco Tourism, Eco Travel, Sustainable Travel, Responsible Traveling . . . there are many ways to define the environmentally (and culturally) conscious travel industry, but however you are interested in labeling yourself, the most important thing seems to be that more and more people are expanding their “green” habits beyond their own communities and taking it on the road with them when they travel, whether their heading to major cities, small, rural towns or to coastal villages. The basic concepts that all of these buzzwords seem to share, though, are a general concern for sustaining local communities and cultures, reducing each travelers destructive imprint on the earth and its ecosystem (think, “first do no harm”), and bringing awareness and understanding to the traveler about the location and its people, as well as sustainability and environmental issues in general.... more

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