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Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Mondo is that it offers opportunities for outside “Affiliates,” or investors, to essentially purchase their own city, for which they will be responsible for generating all local advertising (including banners and featured listings). In return, Mondo Affiliates will receive 100 percent of the revenue generated from these sources. Affiliates will also contract locally for travel and leisure offerings that would be of interest to visitors to the site and will also receive 100 percent of the revenue generated from these offerings. In addition to managing a particular city’s advertising, Mondo affiliates also make a commitment with the company to maintain quality content standards in order to ensure the overall quality of the Mondo community. This is an exciting opportunity for investors – not only does Mondo offer the opportunity to essentially manage your own travel website, but it also welcomes you into a close-knit community of Mondo Explorers who are dedicated to and excited about providing the most prestigious, hard-to-find travel information over the web.
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