Jun 25, 2017

New York City Tips

  • Crowds. Don't be intimidated by the big crowds and even bigger buildings. New York can be a friendly and manageable city for visitors if you heed some of this time-tested advice.

  • Walk, walk, walk. If there is something great about New York it is its walkability. Much of the Manhattan streets are uptown/downtown and they intersect with cross-town streets, making it easy for tourists. One of the best ways of getting a real view of the city is exploring it on foot; it is the most affordable and fastest way, too. New York is the safest big city in the USA, contrary to some outdated stereotypes, most places in Manhattan are in fact quite safe.

  • Take the subway. The subway is fast, sometimes even better than taking a cab during rush hours. They run 24 hours a day. Tip: You should buy the 7-day unlimited ride MetroCard so you don’t have to spend $2 on MetroCards each time you hop on the train.

  • Dining. New Yorkers usually eat dinner out between 8 and 10 p.m. For tourists who want to enjoy a dinner at the same time, it is recommended to reserve in advance. If you did not have time for a reservation, you might have to eat earlier or after 10:30 p.m.

  • New York Cuisine. New York City has a huge variety of cuisines, making it hard to choose from, so it’s a shame to go to chain restaurants or tourist neighborhoods. You can find many ethnic restaurants, like Indian, Greek, Egyptian, Italian or Argentinian fare. A food tour is also a great option to consider.

  • Check out the smaller shops. New York is one of the most important fashion capitals of the world, so visiting the big shops on Fifth Avenue is part of the charm, but you should also check out the small local designer and vintage boutiques.

  • Broadway. The Broadway shows are expensive, usually more than $100, but there are a few options to choose from that can save you money. You can sign up for free discount listings at and, or you can try the line at a TKTS Discount Booth the day of the performance and save money on different plays. If you are really interested in a particular show, you should buy the tickets in advance.

  • Music. In New York you can listen to all types of music, played by great musicians, every day of the week, from different rock clubs, jazz bars or even Carnegie Hall. A lot of these events are free of charge, especially during summer.

  • Get ready for a run! On weekends Central Park closes to traffic and turns into a huge running track (also biking and skating). This is ideal for people-watching or just enjoying the view.


Safety Tips for Tourists in New York

•    Try not to attract attention to yourself as a tourist. Don’t stop to look at maps on street corners, and walk confidently.

•    Be aware of your surroundings.

•    If you are in a crowded area, such as a subway, keep your wallet or phone in your front pocket instead of the back one, and keep your purse close to you in the front or the side and closed.

•    Do not show cash, cameras or jewelry in public. If you have to take something out of your wallet or organize it, try going into a store.

•    Be careful when you use ATM’s, and try not to carry a lot of money on you. Instead, try to pay with check cards or credit cards.

•    If you are on the street after dark, try to stay on the main streets.

•    If you are lost or in a situation where you feel worried or uncomfortable, approach a police officer.

•    When you are not sure where you are or if the neighborhood you are in is not safe, try to take a cab, especially if it’s nighttime. Also, keep in mind that many business districts are desolate at night.

•    If you are going to take a subway at night, especially if it’s late, you should stand near the “During off hours trains stop here” sign or close to a MetroCard booth. Try taking cars with more people.