Jul 22, 2017
EAT / Kokoro Japanese Restaurant Montevideo
Kokoro Japanese Restaurant Montevideo


Dress Code: Informal
Payment: Major Credit Cards Accepted
Several Japanese descendants in Montevideo imported a piece of their land to Uruguay. Kokoro in Japanese means heart, soul, spirit and it may be translated as “the heart of the things”. Kokoro offers a sober and nice atmosphere, background music who invites you to relax and a little zen garden at your disposal. Discover this mystical place.

Japanese cooking is famous for the quality of its products, fresh ingredients, and dish presentation. They carefully respect the seasons of the year and they make a variety of recipes according to them so you can enjoy the best. Kokoro´s menu is available in Spanish, English and Japanese.

Japanese food is 100% healthy, non fat. The star of the menu is Sushi but you can also find among this delicious dishes fried vegetables, Tempura-sea food, Sukiyaki (soup with vegetables and meat), and Yakitori (chicken brochette with vegetables) .
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