Jun 25, 2017
SEE & DO / Viņa Varela Zarrans
Viņa Varela Zarrans

MONTEVIDEO - Montevideo
Ruta 74 km 29 Joaquin Suarez Canelones,
Tel: 598 23644587

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Nowadays you do not need to get on a plane or to travel long distances to visit the wine cellars where some of the best wines in the world are made. You can find Viņa Varela Zarranz only 20 minutes drive from Carrasco. One of the most antique and beautiful establishments in charge of grape and wine growing of Uruguay, which now is opening its doors to visitors.

As soon as you go through the entrance gate, you enter in a different world. A road surrounded by hundred-year-old olive trees leads, through vineyards, to a majestic house, built in 1888, where the Varela Zarranz family lived.

A brief stroll in the vineyard allows the visitor to have an overall view of the modern grape and wine growing, and appreciate the vines, from which great wines are sprouted. (Estimated time: 30 minutes).

The cellar is national heritage of the Uruguayan grape and wine growing since it was founded in the late XIX century. This historical asset remains today in the central ship and in the underground cellar, built in 1892, where the largest collection of oak Nancy barrels in use in our country is founded. This collection is in harmony with the new casks in which the best wines of the family are settled.

In Varela Zarranz history and tradition blend perfectly with the most modern technology available in the world, which was added to the company in the last years. Our oenologists guide the visitors through the process of wine creation, and they transmit their enthusiasm and love for the passionate job they do. (Estimated time: 30 minutes)

The visit ends in the house basement, which has been refurnished lately as a tasting room. Ther is a a wide and comfortable lounge with original stone walls surrounded by bottles and casks. It is possible to taste all the range of Varela Zarranz wines together with delicious traditional dishes.

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