Jul 22, 2017

Miami and Miami Beaches event guide                                         

The best way to get to know any city is to truly experience it and explore all that it has to offer. Mondo wants visitors of Miami to see the city from the inside out . . . to get to know the real Miami, not just the one that you read about in the pocket guidebooks. The only way to do this, here and in any place for that matter, is to get out and become a part of things. Our continually updated list of events will get you to the heart of all that’s happening and important and now in Miami—the things that an experienced travel really  cares about.

Miami has it all

From a large concert event or international festival to an intimate local restaurant opening tucked away on the backstreet of some quirky neighborhood, we´ll tell you exactly what´s happening in the city so that you can experience Miami like a true local. And, for the real locals of Miami, our event list will keep you constantly in the know and give you the opportunity every day to experience your city in new and exciting ways. If you live like a true explorer, whether your traveling to a new city or simply going about your daily routine in your own hometown, life will never fail to be anything but an adventure.

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March's Featured Event

Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2015

Disney on IceImage: Miami Beach International Fashion Week:

Miami Art events

Art Basel Art Miami Conrad Hotel Miami Coconut Grove Steakhouses

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