Jun 25, 2017

Arístides Villanueva street Mendoza

At night, it is a popular meeting spot for young people and an alternative shopping area during the day. When the weather allows it, restaurants, bars and pubs place tables on the sidewalks and when it is too cold, the fun moves inside!

Clothes, shoes, gifts and accesories

Find here the best trends of the 2013.

Bags, accesories, underwear, clothes for teens and women, shoes, sports clothing and much more!




Bars, pubs, and restaurants in Mendoza

In Aristides street you have options for all tastes. Mexican food, sandwichs, pizza, gourmet food, tapas, Spanish food, and the best bars in town to enjoy our amazing wines and beers.



Chocolate and ice cream in Mendoza

Arístides street has also its sweet space, a shop where you can taste exquisite chocolates, cakes and also ice-creams.



Beauty and gym

Weight lifting, Tae Bo, aerobics, spinning, and pilates are some of the activities offered by the gyms  in Aristides street.



Prices are in american dollars