Jun 28, 2017

Mendoza Useful information

Keep in mind this "Useful Information", it could be important for you one day...


Tipping in Mendoza

Depends on the situation:

Bars/Restaurants/Pubs: the usual tip is approximately 10% of the bill.
Taxis: taxi-drivers are not usually tipped in Mendoza. However, when they drive foreigners, they expect to get a small tip.. one, two and up to five pesos is ok.
Delivery Boys: they expect around a peso.
Theaters/Movie-theaters: Ushers generally get a small tip (around 1 or 2 pesos) in exchange for the program.
Gas Stations: attendants get around 1 or 1 pesos when they provide services other than filling the tank, such as washing the windshield or checking the oil.



The electric currents in Argentina have a voltage of 220-240V, 50 Hz, AC. If you bring appliances such as hairdryers, be sure that they can be adapted and converted.
Below you'll find the two types of electrical sockets that are used in Argentina:




Money and banking

ATM machines can be easily found in the downtown Mendoza area. Travelers can withdraw funds automatically in local currency with a variety of credit or debit cards. For security reasons, do not take a cab right after withdrawing money from an ATM.

Traveler checks are often refused by business establishments and can be difficult or expensive to change. So, be sure to bring an ATM card.

Banks open Monday to Friday from 8/9am to 1pm.


The Argentine currency is the peso, and is signified by the same symbol  as the US dollar ($). 





Mendoza Time zone

Mendoza time zone: UTC/GMT -3

The 24-hour system is generally used rather than the 12-hour a.m./p.m. system. For example: 3.00 p.m. is referred to as 15.00 hours.

Business hours


In the downtown Mendoza area, most stores open at 9 am, close from 1:30 pm to 5 pm and then open again at 5pm to close at 8 or 9 pm.

Just a few businesses work from 8/9 am to 5 or 7 pm.

Shopping center stores open at 11:00 am and close at 10 pm.


Lunch and dinner


Lunch in Mendoza usually takes place between 1:30pm and 3pm and dinner no earlier than 9 pm. Restaurants generally don't open before 7:30 or 8:00 pm.


Mendoza Local Newspapers


     Diario Los Andes

     Diario UNO

     Diario El Ciudadano




Calling from abroad

If you need to make a phone call to Mendoza from abroad, dial:

00 + 54 + 261 + number


54 is the code for Argentina

261 is the code for Mendoza


Calling cell phones

If you need to contact a cell phone in Mendoza, dial this way:


00 + 54 + 9 + 261 + cell phone number without the first two digits (1 and 5)

For example, if you want to call the cell phone 156 434 555, dial this way:


00 + 54 + 9 + 261 + 6434555

 Embassies in Mendoza

Embassy Address Telephones
German Embassy Montevideo 127 1° Piso - Ciudad 261 4296539
Bolivian Embassy
Garibaldi 1380 - Ciudad 261 4292458
Brazilian Embassy Pedro Molina 497 PB - Ciudad 261 4380038
Ecuadorian Embassy
F. Moyano 1587 - Ciudad 261 4296416
Spanish Embassy Agustín Alvarez 455 - Ciudad 261 4253947
French Embassy
Av. Houssay 790 - Ciudad 261 4231542
Israeli Embassy Lamadrid 738 - Ciudad 261 4282140
Italian Embassy
Necochea 712 - Ciudad 261 4231640
Panamanian Embassy P. Sarmiento 49 - Ciudad 261 4255678
Portuguese Embassy
San Martín 486 - Godoy Cruz 261 4524813
Chilean Embassy
Belgrano 1080 - Ciudad 261 4254844
Peruvian Embassy Granaderos 998 - Ciudad 261 4299831
Saudi Arabian Embassy   261 4254063

 If you need a pharmacy in Mendoza...

Open 24 hs Address Telephone


Del Puente Centro Av. Las Heras esq. España 261 4238800
Mitre 2 San Martin 701 261 4237268
Del Plata 1
San Martín 3568 261 4370303

In Godoy Cruz

Del Aguila del Hospital
San Martin 996 261 4248444
Del Puente San Martin 900 261 4248989
Popular San Martin 1641 261 4240887
In Chacras de Coria   
Mitre 25 Viamonte 5356 261 4960282



 Holidays 2013

Day Commemoration
January 1st Thursday
New Year
February 11th and 12th Monday and Tuesday
March 24th
Sunday Truth and Justice Nactional Day (law 26.085)
March 29th
Holy Friday
April 1st
Monday "Touristic bridge" day
April 2nd
Tuesday Veterans Day (Malvinas War - law 26.110)
May 1st
Wednesday Labor Day
May 25th
Saturday First Patriotic Government. "May Revolution"
June 20th 
In memmoriam of Gral. Manuel Belgrano
June 21st
Friday "Touristic bridge" day
July 9th  Tuesday Independence Day
August 17th -passes to August 19th-
Monday In memmoriam of Gral. Don Jose de San Martín.
October 12th - passes to October 14th- Monday Columbus Day
November 20th - passes to November 25th- Monday National Sovereignty
December 8th
Sunday Immaculate Conception Day
December 25th
Wednesday Christmas


Prices are in american dollars