Jul 22, 2017
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Aqua Fish Deap Sea Fishing

MAR DEL PLATA - Mar del Plata
Lamadrid 3186 - 7600
Tel: 4923007

Payment: Major Credit Cards Accepted
The service includes the transportation to the best fishing places the day of your excursion. We will provide the fishing outfit (fishing rods, reels and lines), lures, lunch on board in addition to the beverages and coffee during the journey.
We will provide you the most modern and qualified outfits for the different species, such as: reels Penn, Abu Garcia, STH, Thomas; and, fishing rods: Thomas, Fenwick, Penn, Bando; Sabre and others.
The decoys used for trolling the yellow tails amberjacks, bluefishes, Ray´s bream, mackerel and bonito are of the best quality, Alfer´s (the best), Rapala, Mirrolure, Yo_Zuri, Rebel, DAM, Mepps, the triples are permanently renovated to assure the best performance.
The outfit for flyfishing are Thomas and Thomas fishing rods, Teeny lines and STH reels. The fly are of the best performance.
AquaFish can also reserve accommodation for the fishermen in Mar del Plata for their best comfort.
We also offer, through specialists of the Motonautical Club, to fillet all your fish.
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  • Equipment Rental Available
  • 1 Day Duration
  • Teacher / Pro Available
  • 1/2 Day Duration
  • Parking
  • 2 to 3 Hour Duration
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  • Group Activity

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