Jul 22, 2017

Los Angeles Travel Experiences

By MondoExplorer

The well-known city of Los Angeles, often thought of as the entertainment capitol of the world, is a strange mix of the surreal and the familiar, fact and fiction, glamour and the everyday. Often intimidating for first-time visitors with its sprawling network of freeways and suburbs and seemingly endless things to do, you can’t ignore the decidedly fantastical feel of the city, due in most part to one of its key industries, media and film. But, don’t write off L.A. as one large movie set full of smoke and mirrors. Those who know and love the city will quickly tell you that there’s much more than meets the eye here, so while you are right not to ignore the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, it would be a shame if you missed the other side of the city that’s full of courteous and welcoming locals, unique and quirky neighborhoods, impressive beach towns each with an atmosphere all their own, and great natural resources like hiking and biking trails, rivers, farms, and mountain ranges, all things that couldn’t be more real here in L.A.



Los Angeles Featured Neighbordhood


It would be almost unheard of for anyone to travel to Los Angeles and not take in the streets of Hollywood, which seems to have single-handedly given the entire city the reputation it has today. If you’re expecting old-Hollywood glamour here, you’ll no doubt be disappointed.... More