Jun 28, 2017


If it's popular neighbor to the East, Deep Ellum, is the haven for Dallas' thriving counter-culture, Downtown is doing all that it can to make up for it with sophistication. After receiving much-needed attention in the last few years, Downtown has quickly gone from a place where you wouldn't find a soul walking around after working hours to a thriving neighborhood full of delicious restaurants, markets, trendy lofts, and even a few nightlife spots.

But the old staples, like the Reunion Tower (pictured here) where chef Wolfgang Puck has just opened a fabulous new restaurant, Five Sixty, the tourist-friendly West End Historic District, and the much-loved Farmer's Market are keeping the area true to its roots. Although Downtown isn't known for its concentration of restaurants as some other areas of the city are, it would be a major oversight for visitors to mistake its austere skyline for a lack of culinary flare. There are some real gems hidden among these tall buildings; see a few of our favorites below so that you can explore this dynamic part of the city wihtout getting lost amid the hustle and bustle.   



Featured Restaurant


Five Sixty

One of Dallas' newest culinary additions, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is stirring up a lot of interest with this popular downtown spot. Not only is the food world-class, but the atmosphere is like none other in the city, or the state for that matter. Perched at the top of Reunion Tower, diners will enjoy spectacular views of the city as the restaurant slowly revolves in the sky. Don't worry, it's slow enough not to be a hazard, but if you get up from your table for a few minutes, you might have a hard time finding it again!


Neiman Marcus

Don't miss a visit to this luxury department store's flagship location and capture the essence of what keeps this city going -- shopping shopping and more shopping! 


Best Hotels in Downtown

The Joule, Dallas
1530 Main St.

The Westin City Center
650 N. Pearl St. 
Fairmont Hotel 1717 N. Akard St.

The Magnolia Hotel
1401 Commerce St.

The Adolphus
Information 5

The West End

It may be stereotyped as a tourist trap, but this small neighborhood on the West side of downtown is brimming with things to see, do, and most importantly, eat. It's a pedestrian-friendly experience, and locals are known to frequent this area from time to time, especially at night. more

A Downtown Must-See: 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

As long as you're near the West End, you might as well take a look at Dallas' most historically significant landmark. Dealey Plaza is the location of President John F. Kennedy's assasination, and it is also the sight of an extensive museum dedicated to the event and his life.