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Mondo is always looking for new Explorers to write about cities that they know well and are passionate about. Mondo Explorer caters to experienced travelers, so as an Explorer, this is your time to shine as an insider for your city. We are continually keeping our eyes peeled for veteran travelers and those who, in general, love to pass along trade secrets and write about the places they love. Do you find that you are always the first one your friends go to for that great restaurant pick or for where to stay when they are traveling on your turf? If you’re “that” person – you know the type, the go-to-guy who always knows where it’s happening and where it’s not – then Mondo Explorer may be the perfect way for you to write about all the things travel! To find out more about contributing

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Please tell us a little about yourself, your background and experience, how many years you lived in those cities and if you already have published material paste links please for our review. Thank you!