Jul 22, 2017



Cartagena is undoubtedly the most famous tourist attraction of Colombia and there is a reason for it: it is a magical city. While walking down its streets, it is impossible not to feel a glow due to the amazement that produces the beauty of its colonial style and colorful houses, built over the dream of its liberators. The heroic city, as it's best known, will surprise you with the myriad of culture, Caribbean flavor, the warmth of its people and a climate that leads you to rest, partying and fun.


The city is a charm and that is undeniable. Besides being arguably beautiful it has a great deal of history, a story to tell in its walls, its sea, and its brightly colored facades. The food is a pleasure: fruits, sea food and beverages that will definitely delight your senses.


Come and enjoy the soul of Colombian Caribbean!


Cartagena by Mondo

Recomended Visits

Old City

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