Jul 22, 2017

Boston Travel Experiences

By MondoExplorer

Today’s Boston is four hundred years in the making, a vibrant city of students and young professionals, artists and activists, internationals and born-and-bred locals. In one day you can walk the Freedom Trail, catch the Sox or Blue Man Group, and wine and dine yourself on local produce and global cuisine. Boston knows its past—but it lives with it, not in it.

Enjoy this incredible tours

 Romantic dinner Cruise Boston

 Marine Day trip from Boston

 Boston in One Day Tour



Boston Skyline

*Photo Credit: Flickr

Boston Picks of the Month

Boston Green Travel Tips

Eco Tourism, Eco Travel, Sustainable Travel, Responsible Traveling . . . there are many ways to define the environmentally (and culturally) conscious travel industry, but however you are interested in labeling yourself, the most important thing seems to be that more and more people are expanding their “green” habits beyond their own communities and taking it on the road with them when they travel, whether their heading to major cities, small, rural towns or to coastal villages. The basic concepts that all of these buzzwords seem to share, though, are a general concern for sustaining local communities and cultures, reducing each travelers destructive imprint on the earth and its ecosystem (think, “first do no harm”)...


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