Jul 22, 2017


Atlanta travel Experiences

by MondoExplorer

Known as the capital of the South, Atlanta has a distinct flavor that pervades in its dogwoods and azaleas, leafy neighborhoods and, of course, unparalleled Southern charm. It retains its rich history as the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr., and backdrop to the timeless classic Gone With the Wind, while exuding an unprecedented cosmopolitan vibe with new attractions, restaurants, and hotels. A city of 5 million, Atlanta continues to grow, both as a destination for full-time residents and, increasingly, tourists, all of whom are eager to see the next chapter unfold for this remarkable city.

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Atlanta Skyline

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Travel Photography for the Average Explorer:

How to turn those otherwise boring travel pictures into wall-worthy pieces of art

By MondoExplorer’s Editor

One of my favorite parts of a trip is coming home and sorting through all of the pictures. It’s almost as if you relive the vacation as each shot tells a story, brings a memory, or reminds you of the feeling you had at that moment.
I especially love doing things with my travel photos, rather than just sticking them away in a folder on the computer or an album that will probably never be opened again. Instead, I select the best few shots to print to the size I want, and then display them in a unique frame in my home, whether it’s a large, canvas-size photo that fills an entire wall space or just a collection of three or four small photos clustered together on a shelf or coffee table.

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