Jun 25, 2017

Changing of Guard

Featured Attraction in Athens

The Parliment and the tomb of the unknown soldier are guarded by two guards known as evzones. These guards are members of the guards of the president of democracy (proedriki frouria in Greek).

There are two guards stationed outside the Parliment 24 hours a day. Each pair of soldiers stand motionless, on guard, for one hour at a time without moving even an inch.

The actual change of the guards take place on the hour, every hour, every day. The change is done in an official manner. The new soldiers on duty are accompanied by a third soldier as they march to the guard site. The new soldiers take their spot, and the previous pair of soldiers march back to the barracks. On Sundays around 10:30 a.m., the official full change of the guard ceremony takes place. The whole presidential guard marches from their barracks to the tomb accompanied by the military band. The soldiers wear their traditional uniform for this ceremony. The uniform consists of a red hat with silk tassle, white shirt, the kilt with 400 pleats (representing the 400 years of Turkish occupation), white woolen stockings, and tsarouchia (the evzone's traditional red shoes with black pompoms).