About Us

www.mondoexplorer.com was founded in 2008 by two entrepreneurs that loved to travel. After traveling the world for the last few decades with their own successful business ventures, both founders came to realize that there was a crucial gap in the travel industry. As experienced international travelers themselves, the two envisioned a site, one site, where all of their travel needs could be met in one fell swoop. Thus the idea for Mondo Explorer was born as the business duo and longtime friends decided that it was high time for an internet travel service and guide that not only catered to up-scale, travel-savvy clients but that also provided its users with TRUE local travel advice from experienced industry experts.

As they planned it back in ‘08, Mondo has quickly become the web’s only one-stop-shop travel site where readers can not only plan and purchase travel arrangements but can also get true, insider travel tips and advice from experienced locals who have unparalleled expertise with each city. Therefore, users of Mondo can be assured that the travel advice provided at mondoexplorer.com is not only accurate and reliable, but it is carefully researched and crafted by a team of local experts, a devoted gang of people we refer to as Mondo Explorers, who have detailed and firsthand knowledge of each city.